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Do folks in the US not know #AlexTrebek was Canadian (or is that just another thing Trump didn't know)?

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Well, I got half the Final #Jeopardy correct....the Sacramento part. Thank you @KenJennings for thanking #AlexTrebek

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Anyone feel like watching #AlexTrebek completely ✨disrespect✨ a contestant during the interview portion on #Jeopardy? It’s great.

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It's taking me some time to get use to @KenJennings voice as the guest host of @Jeopardy. As I watch each show, I'm beginning to adjust. #AlexTrebek's sense of humor & his pronunciation of difficult or foreign words are missed #Jeopardy #RIPAlex

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Nope, can’t watch @Jeopardy without #AlexTrebek .Tried, can’t.. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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#Jeopardy! ratings surge for #AlexTrebek's last stand

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Joe Biden’s speech was pretty good until he accidentally revealed whose going to win this years super bowl. #SuperBowl #SuperBowlLV #joeBiden #LilWayne #abs #Impeachtwice #alextrebek #WhyDidntHePardonExoticJoe #ambiente #coronavirus #vaccine

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#AlexTrebek's Final #Jeopardy Week Delivers Big Ratings; Farewell Episode Draws 14 Million Viewers

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14 million people watched #AlexTrebek's final #Jeopardy episode on Jan. 8, the biggest viewership for the game show in 19 months - and even with how #JeopardyGOAT did for ABC in Jan. 2020. @DEADLINE

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@mk9PUGEDGjL9R80 @runnDisney Now let’s think 💭 about that.... 🪦 #alextrebek

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Wow that's amazing and I'm gonna miss #AlexTrebek still.

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Alex Trebek’s Final ‘Jeopardy!’ Week Delivers Big Ratings; Farewell Episode Draws 14 Million Viewers

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$BNGO I'll take a channel bounce for $200 Alex

@Jeopardy #PupCharts #alextrebek @TrendSpider

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Aw, @chrisjacobsHC, there's really no such thing as a "former @Jeopardy champion," least of all the #GOAT That's like calling #AlexTrebek a former Emmy-winner. No, @KenJennings is not Alex, but, I couldn't be *less* thrillled by Couric, who brought record low ratings to @CBSNews

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Had to break it to someone that if your family has an intervention for you, there’s no limit on the interventions. It’s not like double jeopardy where you can’t be tried for the same crime twice. #ILostOnJeopardy #AlexTrebek #KenJeong #WolfIfWallStreet #quaaludes #TheDude #TiesTh

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Random Fun Trivia 🤓

The English word Democrat originally meant a republican foe of the aristocrats during the French Revolution.

The Democratic Party evolved from 1790s anti-Hamilton/Federalist groups.

Thanks #AlexTrebek @Jeopardy

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クイズ番組 #ジェパディ 司会者 #アレックストレベック 追悼特集号 #People #Special #Commemorative #Edition –X 発売中。ご注文はこちら→
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#海外マガジン #alextrebek

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How to Support @Jeopardy! Fans Lobbying for Permanent #AlexTrebek Memorial. Sign the #petition to @SonyPictures

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Really been loving @KenJennings as the host of #Jeopardy if we can't have #AlexTrebek .

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@KenJennings absolutely needs to be the permanent host of @Jeopardy - he’s doing #AlexTrebek proud!

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Imo no one can replace #alextrebek it's not the same.

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@Jeopardy missing #alextrebek but have to say. #BravoKenJennings you’re doing a great job!

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@BonksMullet Remember to answer in the form of a question #AlexTrebek

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Reading an article about @Jeopardy and here I go again. I’m gonna stop crying over #AlexTrebek soon I promise. Why am I like this?!?!? 😢😢

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The #wjhc2021 and the final week of #AlexTrebek on @Jeopardy were the top draws in English Canada TV ratings the week of Jan. 4-10 according to #Numeris. A closer look at the numbers here:

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Our adult & teen winter #reading program has begun, so why not #read a #NYTimes #besteller like "The Answer Is," by the late #AlexTrebek? Call 574-967-3912/email floralib@flora.lib.in.us to get #books through #curbsidepickup! Sign up for the program at .

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How Stupid of Katie to demand “how are we going to really almost deprogram these people [74million]who have signed up for the cult of Trump”. Ha! She’s destroyed her news image. And #Jeopardy will crash & burn if #KatieCouric replaces #AlexTrebek!

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Classic concentration
Acid Rain

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How to Support #Jeopardy! Fans Lobbying for Permanent #AlexTrebek Memorial

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My column for the @WKTimes: What a lifetime of trivia and 7 weeks of @Jeopardy! in the spring of 2020 did to help bridge a cultural divide between father and daughter. #AlexTrebek #Jeopardy @KenJennings #STL

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Would you like to be the leader of our cult? Its called @Jeopardy and to pay homage to the late and irreplaceable #AlexTrebek I would love to see you on that stage @neiltyson

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Evidence you might be in a Cult:

Your group has one leader - usually male. You revere this leader, and do what he tells you. Your group has the answers while nobody else does. And you actively deny that your group is a Cult.

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@Jeopardy I can not believe you condone the speech of @katiecouric. #AlexTrebek would never speak out against a group. As a Trump voter, I do not need #reprogrammed. I do not support the violence at the #CapitalRiots. This way of thinking by your guest host is disgusting.

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#AlexTrebek is among the entertainment figures who will be honoured at Trump’s Garden of American Heroes monument

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Via @Variety #WaltDisney, #WhitneyHouston, #AlexTrebek and Others Added to Trump’s ‘Garden of American Heroes’ Monument

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@CTVNews Oh the irony. For sure Mr. Trebek was very special to many people (+me) for his intelligence, wit, warmth + gentlemanliness. While he may have become an American citizen, he was staunchly Canadian (eh): at least 1 if not 2 questions per show were re Canada @CTVNews #AlexTrebek

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Someone like #Trump does not deserve to honour a #Canadian. Let alone a national icon like #AlexTrebek

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Alex Trebek to be honoured in Trump's planned garden of 'American heroes'

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#alextrebek #jeopardy #triviaknowledge #KenJennings -- 🤟🙏☯️☮💖 please allow the Legacy Of Alex Trebek live on, amongst those who srtive to know *MORE* - shameless plug here for @BillNye & @NielDeGrase -- the 'science' of "trivial knowledge" knows no boundary

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