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So Josh Allen is getting, like, double what Dak got, right?


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Going Live! #Billsmafia #supportsmallstreamers #twitchstreamer @buckedupsupps Ambassador. Use TATTERR20 to save 20% on your orders at ! @TwitchRetweets @TTVPromotion

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You share in a dream that way. I am not the play in 2020. 😤 Graphic created by . #BuffaloBills #BillsMafia

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Bills throwback mockup.

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@micah_hyde congrats on the well deserved extension.....but who this? 😂 😂 😂 #BillsMafia

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Would make my day to learn DT got taken down by #BillsMafia 🤣

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Extending Josh Allen... #BillsMafia

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Hear me out, the @BuffaloBills are in a great position. They are the ones in charge this offseason. #inbeanewetrust #BillsMafia

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@Sabremetrix I just saw scotty bowman sipping bottle of Hennessey on chippewa Street.


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@movies03 @AdamSchefter 10 great QBs by age 27 hell there's dozens of them there have been 8 Super Bowl winning QBs by age 27 or younger also "my" offense was fabulous this year QB age 24 #BillsMafia

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Josh’s rookie card sold for 200k after only one elite season. If he keeps it up, hang on to your memorabilia #BillsMafia

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JA17 is going to get super paid.... like Scrooge McDuck money #BillsMafia

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Pumped to watch @parkersisland at @KStateFB Pro Day tomorrow.
Super underrated CB
#BillsMafia #NFLDraft

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Longer his beard gets the more powerful he becomes #glowup #BillsMafia #fitzy #RyanFitzpatrick

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Can the Bills just give Josh Allen 75% ownership of the @BuffaloSabres + 50mil instead so we don't have to worry about cap hell? #BillsMafia

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The #BuffaloBills might end up taking down Donald Trump, as if I needed more reason to be a man-child fanboy for this team. #BillsMafia

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I’d know those pants and socks anywhere #BillsMafia

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THIS IS AWE-SOME! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏


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Really like him as an option at 30, only thing that gives me pause is the injury history #BillsMafia #NFLDraft

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Josh Allen right now: #BillsMafia

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Josh Allen’s gonna make enough to buy the #Sabres from his boss and fire Ralph Krueger. #BillsMafia #LetsGoBuffalo #OneBuffalo

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@stungone7 Awesome! Also 👊😎 for that hat #billsmafia

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Congratulations to trillionaire Josh Allen #BillsMafia

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@MichaelDavSmith You come for the #Bills you best not miss. #BillsMafia

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@iexist_15 At least the bills are okay? #BillsMafia ?

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@OldTakesExposed Well this is what I thought when he wrote it #BillsMafia

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@JoshAllenQB will get 45 million a year for 5 years after seeing @dak’s contract. #Bills #BillsMafia #nflnews #mondaythoughts

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Going live momentarily! #cover1 #BillsMafia

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Real winners tonight besides Dak...Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson! They are about to 🏦! #Dak #BillsMafia #RavensFlock

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I heard a pro athlete was wearing out boy @JoshAllenQB jersey? #GoBills #BillsMafia

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@Bills_Car_Guy Enjoy every moment!
Having a #BillsMafia daughter is a blast!
(I've got two!)

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@danfetes He's going to be worth Every Penny! #BillsMafia

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We've seen what happens when Jerry pays guys (s/o Zeke). Here's to hoping paying Dak $42mm/year pays off, but who am I kidding, Cowboys will go 8-8.

Time to join the #BillsMafia

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#BillsMafia make sure to tune in as Greg digs into the /r/NFL_Draft mock offseason with @Soffacet and @lkearney13!

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Josh Allen Signed Rookie Card Sells For Over $200K After Breakout Season

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Highest signing bonus in NFL history:
Dak Prescott               $66M
Russell Wilson            $65M
Aaron Rodgers           $57.5M
Matthew Stafford       $50M
Matt Ryan                     $46.5M
Joe Flacco                    $40M
Aaron Donald               $40M

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Dak's back ⭐️

@DallasCowboys | @Dak

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Josh Allen will now cost what per year? #Bills

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When your little brother gets the call. Let’s go @dak time to win the @dallascowboys a Super Bowl.

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No QB in NFL history has started for more franchises (8) than Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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#Northwestern CB Greg Newsome II (6-foot-1, 190) —

Technician on tape. Length to create ball disruption. Play-strength shows in coverage/run support. Makes up for lack of twitch with eyes/instincts. Fits in multiple NFL schemes (man/zone).


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The Associated Press suggests that Donald Trump may be in significant criminal jeopardy for misrepresenting the value of a property he owns in an attempt to secure a loan to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014.

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