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Prayed for our new President this morning and just like Pope Francis I hope he never forgets the least among us! #Catholic #JoeBiden #popefrancis #Democrats #USA #Inauguration2021 #Christian #catholictwitter #Inauguration

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The Frankster has sent a brief message to U.S. Resident Joe Biden - #CatholicTwitter #PopeFrancis #catholic

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Take that, King James. Deuterocanonical is back, baby! #Inauguration #CatholicTwitter

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Thanks to @RomeReports for a very nice interview and story on my new book, "Listening for God: Discovering the Incredible Ways #God speaks to us." #Faith #CatholicTwitter

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LOL and glory to our Lord. Just turned my lil bro on to @Joeinblack Quantum videos. Of which he says OF Fr. Joe: "his vernacular lol. Speaks in A non-flaky sense." #CatholicTwitter #Catholic

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“Jesus concealed in the Host, my sweet Master and faithful Friend, how happy my soul is to have such a Friend who always keeps me company. I do not feel lonely even though I am in isolation.” Diary, 877

#3OClockPrayer #DivineMercy

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Saint Fabien, 20e pape, martyr à Rome (236-250) sur la via Appia durant la persécution de l’empereur Déce. Laïc appelé au pontificat par une disposition divine, il montra un exemple glorieux de foi et de courage en subissant le martyr. Évêque de Rome #catholique #CatholicTwitter

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I have a lifetime membership in our Lord's party. #CatholicTwitter #Catholic You can too! Become Catholic

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@ActuaIIyBarron Another one of your mother's tantalizing photos has been released. I personally have came buckets to your mother #God #CatholicTwitter @Pontifex

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It’s nice seeing our President doing the sign of the cross #CatholicTwitter

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@USCCB has a duty to teach and correct the moral errors that this new “Catholic” admin is promoting. Their failure to do so is yet another sad chapter in American Catholicism #abortion #transgender #CatholicTwitter

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From “The Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ” from Servant of God, #LuisaPiccarreta (11 AM to 12 PM, Jesus is Crucified.)

#CatholicTwitter #Catholic

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Just sending you a smile 🙂

God made! God loves you! 💕
God did not make man to live in hate, chaos, anxiety, negativity, sin, etc..... read the #BookofHeaven online free.

Adam lived a beautiful peaceful happy life before the fall.He lived in the #DivineWill.


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“To convert somebody go and take them by the hand and guide them.”
- St. Thomas Aquinas

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@Independent Kennedy is the first who behave according to Catholic Church.

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This is the Fruit of Tora's Life:
The Decision Not to Marry Opened Gates of Heaven for One Man
The Decision to Stay Married Saved Another

#CatholicTwitter #PraytheRosary

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My prayer for the Biden administration is that #CatholicTwitter can now go beyond bad takes on moral theology and the catechism to discussions of Catholic themes in politics and culture. I think Biden’s very Catholic Inauguration is a start

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Not to beat a dead horse but evangelicals who risked freedom for trump had treated empty closed clinics like the capital then maybe the abortion lobby would have nowhere to do their murders. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #CatholicTwitter #ProLife #Catholicmen #Catholic

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Pope Francis to @JoeBiden: I pray your decisions will be guided by a concern for society with "unfailing respect for the rights and dignity of every person, especially the poor, the vulnerable and those who have no voice.”

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@ABishopGustavo yet we haveVIOLENT acts by #Catholic priests&nuns&even bishops
BLOCKING/ABORTING fellow brothers&sisters who come in #Peace & #Prayers as merelyUNWANTED LIVESin their #CatholicTwitter feed

why rid theWORLD of abortion whenTheChurchPOSSESSES theSAME SPIRIT u wish2rid in theWorld?

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“The Lord has made the heavens his throne; from there he rules over everything.”
Psalms 103:19 NLT


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1). I guess I missed the Inauguration.

2). I never thought I'd live to see the day we'd have another Catholic President.

I don't agree with his policies on key moral issues, but because he goes to Mass and prays, he's salvageable. #CatholicTwitter, we've got work to do.

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#Christmas_love #CatholicTwitter @USCCB remember god was on the Nazi’s side, the South, see a problem? So a few people walked, good bye, good riddance.

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There is ALWAYS peace in our Lord. Be there. #CatholicTwitter #Catholic

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@MarianMorticia We started all this a few weeks ago on @VeritasRadioNet channel! #SwordAndShield at the ready #BattleStations #CatholicTwitter @BarrettBrief @TheKingDude @cezaron

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@JoeBiden did say he was going to make Roe v Wade 'the law of the land', I just didn't think it was going to start during the #Inauguration. #AbortionIsMurder @VeritasRadioNet #CatholicTwitter

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#PulpRev #CatholicTwitter #BookBoost #book #books #BookReview #IARTG #horror

"As desperately dark and scary as the novel becomes, this makes for a refreshing turn of events in the Urban Fantasy genre."

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St. Augustine is trending. #CatholicTwitter

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"For the nation’s bishops, the continued injustice of abortion remains the 'preeminent priority.'” - @ArchbishopGomez. #CatholicTwitter #Inauguration

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@crutweets My #prayer for #PresidentBiden is: I #pray that he comes to know #JesusChrist as His Lord & Savior & follows Him only & not the false religion called #RomanCatholicism. May he have a Road-to-Damascus encounter with #Jesus. Amen. #CatholicTwitter #InaugurationDay2021 #Inauguration

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@JoelCRosenberg My #prayer for #PresidentBiden is: May #God open his eyes, mind & heart to accept #Jesus as his Lord & Savior & renounce the lies of the false #religion called the #RomanCatholicChurch. I #pray this in #Jesus' mighty name. Amen. #CatholicTwitter #InaugurationDay2021 #inauguration

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.@ArchbishopGomez's Statement on the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr., as 46th President of the United States of America: #InaugurationDay

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“The [vaccine] cell line, HEK 293, [is] from an abortion in the 1970’s. HEK stands for human embryonic kidney...for this purpose, children old enough to have adequately-developed kidneys must be removed from the womb, alive, and have their kidneys cut out—without anesthesia...”👇

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Pretty cool that Biden is being sworn in with a Douay-Rheims Bible.

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@DrRueckauf 20/1/2021: Saints Fabien, Pape, et Sébastien, Martyrs

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