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Here’s what it means for #NJ:
🏛Legislature will run in their current districts this year
📆Reapportionment Comm’n has ‘til ~Feb 2023 to redraw maps: Will they act now or delay?
🗺data coming in April will tell us who gained/lost & how populous new districts will be.

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Apartment Rent Payments at 90.3% as of November 20

All the data:

#DataScience #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #VOTE #RentReliefNow #Census2020 #COVID19 #reits #RealEstate #stocks $SPG $BAM $KIM $EQIX $SPY $HYG $USO $GLD $GS $C $CCI

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BREAKING: The 2020 census results used to determine each state’s share of votes in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College for the next 10 years are now expected to be released on April 30, Census Bureau official Kathleen Styles announced during @NCSLorg webinar

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This is one big thing that has worried me the most the past few years. #census2020 #redistricting #vote #VotingRights #census

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106 bills introduced in 28 states already this year to restrict voting access, finds @BrennanCenter

That's 3x as high as last year

GOP weaponizing Trump's lies to make it harder to vote

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#Census2020 will help distribute resources to marginalized and underrepresented communities. NPR
#ImproveSociety #SocialActivism

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@pvdcitycouncil⁩ Prez ⁦@Sabina_Matos⁩ Committee on Ward Boundaries Inaugural Meeting Today @5:30PM

1. Org Meeting
2. Discussion relative to Ward Boundaries by ⁦@JohnMarionjr⁩ #Redistricting #Equity #Census2020

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Anyone want to talk about their experience filling out the Census last year? #Census2020 #newmexicocensus

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The @uscensusbureau has recognized MCTC as an invaluable member of the 2020 Census Community Partnership and Engagement Program. #census2020 #community #MCTCproud

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Everyone Counts! #Cambodia launches results of its 4th Pop. Census. @UNFPA deeply humbled by recognition from H.E. DPM #SarKheng. Deep gratitude to partners who supported 🇰🇭 #Census @giz_gmbh @Sida @EU_Commission @MFA_China @Atayeshe @dienekeita @bjornunfpa @UNFPAasia #Census2020

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One of @UNFPA’s core mandates is to strengthen national capacities to ensure #Censuses are of high quality & uphold international standards.

@unfpacambodia proud to have contributed towards that goal & thankful for the Royal Government's recognition.

#ICPD25 #Cambodia @Atayeshe

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According to @INEGI_INFORMA, 2.5 million (2%) self-identify as Black, Afromexican, or Afrodescendant in the #Census2020. 1.2 million more than in the Intercensal Survey of 2015. The increase was 86%.

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This is super important if the corruption and incompetence of the Trump administration is not to plague us for the coming decade.

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@NALEO thanks @SenatorBiaggi for calling on Congress & the Biden Administration to take concrete steps to ensure the accuracy of #Census2020 data. @latinojustice @YoSoyDUSA @HispanicFed @civilrightsorg

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SO proud of Meghan Maury on their appointment, they led our #queerthecensus campaign and has been an integral part of the coalition work on #census2020

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NEW: The Biden administration has appointed Meghan Maury — policy director of @TheTaskForce and a former member of the Census Bureau's National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations — as a senior adviser at the bureau

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Garfield County finished in state’s top 20 for U.S. Census participation, with more than 68% of households self-reporting. Final population counts are expected soon. @GlenwoodPI via @JohnStroudPI #Census2020

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#BREAKING: This morning I issued a statement calling on Congress to officially extend the statutory 2020 #Census reporting deadlines, to ensure that the Census Bureau can complete a full and accurate count of the Bronx & Westchester.

Full statement here:

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Apartment Rent Payments at 90.3% as of November 20

All the data:

#DataScience #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #VOTE #RentReliefNow #Census2020 #COVID19 #reits #RealEstate #stocks $SPG $BAM $KIM $EQIX $SPY $HYG $USO $GLD $GS $C $CCI

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Don't get me wrong here... The #Census2020 is meant to count every one, regardless if is good or bad for the former President #Trump's #GOP...

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By repealing Trump’s census order on unauthorized immigrants, Biden just gave Texas GOP an extra House seat, or two

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via @PerilOfAfrica #JoeBiden #USNews #APTopNews #Census2020 Citizenship data is latest rollback of Trump census efforts

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It was great meeting you both in person on tonight, to finally meet you @JulieMenin after speaking to you numerous times many months ago, re: #Census2020 Thank you both for coming to the Vigil on tonight as well as marching. #UES4BLM @HolmesIsaacs @OneNycha @PowerTa29777809

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It may have been cold tonight in Carl Schurz Park, but it was wonderful being with these two amazing women— ⁦@EVANGELIST_SC⁩ and ⁦@maymalik⁩ for #BLM vigil and march.

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Proud to be part of @QCDCNY👍🏽 2020 = Voter Regis Drives, Run for Qns Cnty Cmte Training, Endorsement Forums for #NY06 #AD28 DLs #QBP, #Census2020, #9DaysOfAction, #19thAmendment Centennial, Climate Justice Panel, GOTV @newyorkforbiden @FliptheWest @fairfightaction
Onward to 2021!

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Our inaugural year is in the books! Check out our newsletter for some highlights!

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Thank u to all my ⁦@HACC_info⁩ colleagues 4 making our #partnership w/ ⁦@uscensusbureau⁩ successful #census2020

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@GeneforTexas #ImplicitBias includes @HoustonHealth FAILING to include CHINESE VIETNAMESE ARABIC in its #Census2020 social media campaign.

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We were honored to be among cities across the nation that stood up #Census2020 task forces, funds & campaigns to ensure all people under the Constitution were counted!

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When communities are left out of the census, they lose the money, power, and respect that they rightfully deserve.

Today, we celebrate the Biden administration for affirming that immigrants count, too.

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A summary of the Biden/Harris Administration Day ONE! #allofus #nomuslimban #census2020 #humanrights #weallcount

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Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is bribing states by now counting illegal residents in the US census, which should have been certified last year. Was it held up by Fed bureaucrats for this purpose? #Census2020

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Considering #census numbers determine federal resource allocation and prelegal immigrants tend to be in Republican states, you’d think the #GOP would be happy about this?

It’s too bad (for them) they worked to systematically erase many people from #Census2020. Not very smart.

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President Biden orders illegal immigrants to be counted in U.S. Census

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When the @JoeBiden admin breaks the law, I take action. I have told @DHSgov to immediately rescind its illegal, unconscionable deportation freeze—or TX will sue.

As AG, I will always put Americans, Texans first—not dangerous aliens who must be deported!

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Fascinating video from @Esri comparing self-response rates between the 2010 U.S. Census and 2020 U.S. Census. #Geospatial #Population #Maps #Mapping #PopulationMapping #Census #Census2010 #Census2020

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Thank you @POTUS for reversing trump’s policy of excluding undocumented immigrants from the #Census2020 👇🏻 #WeAllCount

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On his first full day in office, President Biden has signed an executive order rescinding the Trump Administration's memorandum excluding undocumented immigrants from census counts. This is big news for local governments.
#census2020 #whitehouse

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11/ So again: There are a lot of stories yet to be told about #Census2020. And our reporters @daveejoneslock and @ByardDuncan are standing by to tell them.

If you worked for the bureau and want to share your story, reach them here:

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2/ Our reporters have been letting workers’ experiences guide coverage of #Census2020 for months.

First, it was faulty technology in the field.

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1/ Oh, did you think #Census2020 was over?

It.👏 Is.👏🏽 Not.👏🏾 Over.👏🏿

In fact, things are JUST getting interesting. @DaveeJonesLock and @ByardDuncan have heard from ~150 census employees about problems on the ground.

And they want to hear more:

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Apartment Rent Payments at 90.3% as of November 20

All the data:

#DataScience #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #VOTE #RentReliefNow #Census2020 #COVID19 #reits #RealEstate #stocks $SPG $BAM $KIM $EQIX $SPY $HYG $USO $GLD $GS #ThursdayMotivation

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We applaud @POTUS's decision to reverse the Trump administration's policy of excluding undocumented immigrants from the #2020Census count for partisan purposes. 👏🏿👏🏾👏🏽👏🏻

This EO is consistent with our Constitution. We ALL count, regardless of immigration status. #HagaseContar ☑️

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via @PerilOfAfrica #USNews #APTopNews #Census2020 #Electoralcollege Time, transparency needed as Biden inherits frazzled census

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It was great to participate in the regional #Census2020 convening hosted by @WRAGtweets @CHF_News @MeyerFoundation and @BainumFdn. Many lessons learned and amazing to hear stories about sectors coming together to get a fair and accurate count! #community

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via @PerilOfAfrica #USNews #APTopNews #Census2020 #Electoralcollege Time, transparency needed as Biden inherits frazzled census

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Now @POTUS will have to charge his Dept of Commerce with using reputable models & corrective measures to extract data that is as accurate as possible #Census2020 #AmericaUnited #WeStayVigilant

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@AriBerman But Census Bureau stopped counting before it was complete. I worked as enumerator in 2010. We counted group homes, homeless, and knocked on doors of non-responders. Moving up deadline for completion resulted in incomplete count.

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Program Officer @caitlinfurey reports that that successful outreach strategies for #census2020 included leveraging social media, relying on trusted sources, expanding multilingual resources, and engaging youth ambassadors.

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Una laptop, smartphone o tablet es todo lo que necesita para completar el Censo 2020 en . #SÍalCenso #HoustonCuenta #HtownCuenta

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