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@tedcruz Speaking of oaths you failed to uphold yours. #ExpelTheSeditionists

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@LindseyGrahamSC Dear Lindsey STFU. You are irrelevant. You supported #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy You should consider resigning. You’re a tRump sycophant. #45TransitionToPrison #ExpelTheSeditionists #ExpelCruzandHawley

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@JoeBiden Congrats to you @KamalaHarris ! Well deserved after years of dedicated public service! We are in your good hands & lucky to have you. We the people, have spoken! #BidenTakeAction #BidenHarrisInauguration #BidenHarris #Biden #ImpeachTrump #ExpelTheSeditionists

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Dear @GOP. Trump is gone. You no longer need to fear him or his angry, childish tweets. Please help @POTUS and let's get the United States back on track. It first starts with holding those accountable for almost losing our democracy to a crazy autocrat. #ExpelTheSeditionists

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Unity, schmunity, smite the shite!


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@tedcruz Yeah, your efforts to destroy democracy and overturn the will of the people failed #TedCoup #ExpelTheSeditionists

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@RepNancyMace Unity and Healing have irrevocable prerequisites: Truth and Accountability.

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@kimguilfoyle bet you’re not dancing now. #ExpelTheSeditionists

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McCarthy, Cawthorn, all those weird Pennsylvania nazis, basically anyone who opposed the electoral vote after #sedition & #felonymurder. It comes down to the receipts, and we have more than enough. What we'd been lacking, we just got!
#ExpelTheSeditionists #TreasonForTrump

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@nytimes Now let’s divert the seditious traitors out of our congress. #ExpelTheSeditionists

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@JoyAnnReid @RFrumpf Yeah, me too. The last order of business to "clean house" is to take out the Repug trash that contributed to the events that fueled the Insurgence of 1/6/21.

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@RashidaTlaib @MalcolmNance Why did @Kat_Cammack first thing Jan 6 send clear instructions on how to find @RepRashida office? She notifies them she is placing a distinguishable marker (flag) next to Tlaib’s office, making it easy to find! #InvestigateCammack #insurrection #ExpelTheSeditionists #CapitolRiot

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@mtgreenee Your statement is wrong and your sick for saying this.



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@ProjectLincoln YIPPEE!!!! Now let’s wait for the indictments to drop in NYS
& GA!
And let’s demand the conviction in the Senate
And the arrest and expulsion of all the #SeditionCaucus

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@MeidasTouch Time is up! Time to focus on the seditionists and treasonous insurrectionists! Let’s remove/expel them all! Let impeachment begin! #RemoveTheTraitors #RemoveHawley #BoebertIsATraitor
#TedCruzResign #ExpelTheSeditionists #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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@tbtapgh @PatrickSvitek @JohnCornyn We're not letting this stick in the mud stop us. No way! John, take several seats! 🙄

...you know I like to save my eye rolls for the seditious traitor, @SenTedCruz 🙄🙄
#ResignTedCruz or



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You won’t be able to wash off the stain of sedition. It, and the deaths you caused and the deep damage to our democracy you made possible, will be on you forever.

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Biden takes the oath.

May God bless the United States of America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and the rest of the Sedition Caucus shouldn't be anywhere near Congress.

That's reserved for PATRIOTS.

We're putting up these billboards all over Josh Hawley's state. You can help us with a RT and a small donation.

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NEW VIDEO📽️: Just hours after the deadly terrorist attack on our country, 150+ Congressmen voted to overturn our election. Some actually helped organize the attack. Some members of Congress even had their panic buttons removed.

Retweet if you agree we must #ProsecuteTheTraitors

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Senate Dems eye punishing Hawley and Cruz for election objections

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