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#LastTrainToParis is such a great album. Definitely a cultural reset.

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Last Train to Paris was sooooooooooooo underated #LastTrainToParis #Diddy @Diddy #DirtyMoney

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Leaving the USA heading to GHANA. #LastTrainToParis on repeat 🔥 🔥

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Man. I completely forgot how many bangers #DiddyDirtyMoney had on #LastTrainToParis!!! Thanks @revolttv for reminding me!


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#LastTrainToParis prob comes second to #MBDTF this decade

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Today on #JiveWrites I write about @diddy and the album that could have changed @BadBoyEnt forever but didn't quite land. The album that I haven't been able to shake for 10 years: #LastTrainToParis. Happy 10 Year Anniversary! @DawnRichard #BadBoyRecords

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#LastTrainToParis the album was hard but that remix mixtape was insane 🤯🤯

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“Around that time, Kanye’s ‘Love Lockdown’ came out and I remember Puff saying, ‘Fuck! This dude is going to take my sound. That’s what I’m going for. I want that vibe.’”


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@Diddy can you please make #LastTrainToParis on Vinyl?? I will buy the first copy!!

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#LastTrainToParis was ahead of its time, that whole sound on that album would go offfff today

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@revolttv @Diddy @fauntleroy One of the greatest albums of our time #LastTrainToParis

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.@Diddy’s engineer Matt Testa breaks down how #LastTrainToParis came to be and how the mogul pushed him to make the best possible project in this special 10-year anniversary interview for the album. Read up! #StudioSessions | ✏️ @Jusaire

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Hello Good morning tell me what the lick read
pretty face, thin waist with the sick weave #LastTrainToParis

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This was my song! Happy 10 years #LastTrainToParis kept this in rotation in my dorm! ⁦@Diddy⁩ ⁦@DawnRichard⁩ 2010 was a good year in music

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Getting ready for tonight...but yo this “I Hate That You Love Me” still hits...this joint was ALWAYS my favorite from the #LastTrainToParis album!!

This bridge 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Shoutout to @RodneyJerkins @VictoriaMonet for this one!!

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@Diddy is the epitome of black excellence. Definitely a living legend! I pray he continues to get his flowers

Thanks for showing us the way! Congrats on 10 years 🙏🏾🥳 #LastTrainToParis

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I'm sitting here grooving and vibing as I revisit the entirety of #LastTrainToParis. I can't believe it's been 10 years! This album truly had its own universe sonically.

This is a dope song from those sessions that didn't make the album.... #LTTP

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Y’all just moved to the top of my podcast list @SeeTheThingIs_ for your take on #LastTrainToParis which is my fave Pop album of all time.

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Reminding myself to play #LastTrainToParis when I get in the car.

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#LastTrainToParis was severely slept on and otherworldly great!!!! How Diddy manage to fuck that up?

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There are very few albums that you get the feels from beginning to end!

10 years and this album is still a vibe!@diddy @DawnRichard @IHeartKalenna #LastTraintoParis

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10 años de este dis-ca-zo que nadie se vio venir #LastTrainToParis, de mis favs ever. Si no lo conocéis, dadle... @DawnRichard se lo zampó 👑

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@Diddy That was fire, but the mixtape LOVE LOVE VS HATE LOVE was more fire

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If you didn't get ready for the club to Diddy Dirty Money, and then mourn getting no play to Diddy Dirty Money, we can't relate.

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