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@mrstwhite61 @NewJordan @AttorneyCrump The officer that killed #AtatianaJefferson in her home while she babysat her nephew is still walking around FREE. The murderers of George Floyd & #PatrickWarrenSr are FREE. +1,000 murders in 2020 #policebrutality is REAL; NY pays $300 million annually in police misconduct cases.

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The #Killeen Police Department released the body cam footage from the officer who shot and killed Texas pastor/husband/father #PatrickWarrenSr during a mental health episode. The family is calling for Officer #Contreras to be FIRED and ARRESTED for the m…

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Check out iamKenzaAshley's video! #TikTok #PatrickWarrenSr #blm

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Warning, Graphic Content: A raw video from the Killeen Police Department shows the fatal shooting of Patrick Warren Sr. by KPD officer Reynaldo Contreras on Jan. 10, 2021.

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#SayHisName #BLM #NoJusticeNoPeace

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#patrickwarrensr #brutality #racism The only video about Patrick warren ... via @YouTube

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@cobramanphil @dthornbloom1 @MrAndyNgo So reroute traffic. Armed white supremacists were let into our capital. You’re seeing their opposition to black men murdered by police, so it was effective. #patrickwarrensr

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Wow, just seen the video of Patrick Warren Sr. being killed.He needed a mental health professional and a cop came and killed him.

This shit is almost unbelievable 😡


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Crisis response reform is needed NOW. What's your state doing about it? #PatrickWarrenSr

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Why is it that domestic terrorists can storm the Capitol building and only one life is lost, but this man dies on his own property? #justiceforpatrick #patrickwarrensr

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why tf didn’t #BreonnaTaylor get any medical attention? Why didn’t #GeorgeFloyd ,
#SandraBland , #PatrickWarrenSr , #JacobBlake , #RayshardBrooks and all of these people , where was their medical attention??

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:> #tuesdayvibe #InaugurationDay #ConspiracyTheories #Trump #Republicans #PatrickWarrenSr #California #coronavirus » 2,994,748 cases +21,839 today 14-day change +12% 33,735 deaths +142 today 14-day change +53% » L.A. County» Orange County» Hospitals» Reopenings » Nursing homes »

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I m not sure the connection of this Seattle Protest to why is this needed. Perhaps they re feeling heroic for the death of #PatrickWarrenSr from TEXAS but if not, whats the point? Acting like lost children or attempting teen Suicide?

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“The first thing I said, I said ‘Hey, my dad is going through something, please no firearms,’” Warren told TMZ Live. “You could feel the energy was different than before." #PatrickWarrenSr

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Black Lives Matter, all lives cant matter till Black Lives Matter.

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BLM protesters shut down the freeway in Seattle.

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Dad I’ll never let your name die. We’re on the front page of TMZ telling the world how they murdered you in front of us while your hands were up. I promise I won’t rest until we get Justice @patneedsjustice #justiceforpatrickwarren #patrickwarrensr #takeitbyfaith #patrickwarren

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#PatrickWarrenSr was a black man and he was in distress. Police officers don’t know how to respond to that combination except with a bullet for some reason.

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A #Texas family is mourning following a request for assistance from a mental health professional.

Officer Reynaldo Contreras of Killeen PD responded by killing #PatrickWarrenSr without attempts to de-escalate.

#BlackLivesMatter #AbolishThePolice

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Patrick Warren needed a mental health provider not the police. Mental health crisis should never be a death sentence. Make it make sense! #PatrickWarrenSr #MentalHealthMatters

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*linked in thread*
#blacklivesmatter #PatrickWarrenSr #abolishthepolice

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watching that video of #PatrickWarrenSr really saddens me yo, like cmon the officers ain't have to do nun of that shidd but instead were 'scared' for their life right and did what they do best, shoot an unarmed black man

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Please sign and share! We want justice for #PatrickWarrenSr
He deserved healthcare not death

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Arrest Reynaldo Contreras for the murder of #PatrickWarrenSr! @BigTiggerShow

We're celebrating #MLKDay with: #DavidBanner is stopping by at 7:45AM and Attorney #LeeMerritt will be joining at 8:45AM!
Download the app to listen any and everywhere you are!

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Sign the petition to have officer Reynaldo Contreras fired immediately. We’ve been told that if the officer is not fired and he resigns he can work for another police department.

#JusticeForPatrickWarren #JusticeForPatrickWarrenSr #PatrickWarrenSr

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@alfencl @FutureDrDukes @LSplaneWilburn

#PatrickWarrenSr Just .. no words.

Chapter 4 in this frustrating yet hopeful piece by @LizSzabo is pertinent, but entire article's excellent. Sharing in case anything it mentions might make *any* difference, going forward.

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My white family gets to call 911 for mental health crises and never worry my family member will die. Donate to the family of #PatrickWarrenSr who was killed in front of his family by police last week in TX during a mentalhealth crises:

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The police keep killing black people. We have to do something NOW ‼️ #PatrickWarrenSr #fuckthepolice #BlackLivesMatter

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Let me get this straight. Unarmed #PatrickWarrenSr was gunned down and killed in his front yard by police after the family called for help regarding a mental health crisis? Like we’ve been saying for a while, #DefundThePolice #ACAB

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I am disgusted.

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Please help us by signing the petition to have police officer Reynaldo Contreres FIRED and ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Artist: @jillabossert

#justiceforpatrickwarren #JusticeForPatrickWarrenSr #PatrickWarrenSr #TakeItByFaith #pleasedontshoothim

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Patrick Warren Sr. Patrick Warren Sr. Patrick Warren Sr. #PatrickWarrenSr

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But also as a counselor speaking to peers who pathologize and criminalize the clinical presentation of generational/historical trauma, as well as minoritized identity- and stigma-related stress. #PatrickWarrenSr

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Any other standard of care, especially involving psychiatrically disabled Black people in crisis, is carceral and ableist, whether involving a crisis line, the DSM, psychiatric hospital, or any type of mental health professional. #PatrickWarrenSr

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Even replacing cops with mobile crisis teams is futile if these personal and deeply entrenched institutional biases aren't interrogated—and the autonomy of those with psychiatric disabilities respected during de-escalation. #PatrickWarrenSr

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Mental health workshops won't stop white supremacists from becoming cops, just to exploit authority, and assert domination over groups they scapegoat as "threats" to white nationalism.

Stigma isn't the issue. Off-duty cops were core to the neo-Nazi Capitol coup. #PatrickWarrenSr

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The family of a Killeen, Texas, man fatally shot by police in the front yard of his home during a mental health check is calling for the officer's arrest.

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His name was #PatrickWarrenSr. A man needing mental health services, instead shot and killed. Say his name.

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TW: murder, police brutality

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Texas police fatally shot a Black pastor during a mental health check. Patrick Warren Sr. was 52.

"There's no reason that a mental health call like this should result in a fatality," said the family's lawyer.

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Damn it hit different when you know the family #PatrickWarrenSr

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