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“There can be no true peace if people are oppressed.” Happy #MLKDay2021 y’all! #RemembranceDay

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There’s a big difference between your days have been cut short, and your days are over.

Martin Luther King days left cut short.

There’s a mean world in the world In spite of the good people in it.

#RemembranceDay of a 👑 King Freedom.

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Matthew 23:12, Jesus says, “All who exalt themselves will be humbled, and all who humble themselves will be exalted.” #mlk #propheticword #remembranceday

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Today, we Honor the life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr!! I’m hopeful for a peaceful and bright year ahead for our Country!! #MLK2021 #MLKDay#loveoverhatred #StrongerTogether #remembranceday 🌹🌺❣️

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RETHINK Multiplier events begin! @EuroClio has planned an online workshop and world café on the relevance of #remembrance #education , with a keynote by Peninah Zilberman. #RemembranceDay #History #school

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We are delighted to present “Lest we
forget”. A webinar series on remembrance education based on the @RethinkProject.

For details and registration, please visit:

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As we pause to remember #MLK & his legacy of service, all of us can serve today & beyond by wearing a mask to protect our fellow human beings and ourselves from #COVID19. #WearAMask is a simple, powerful and lifesaving act of humanity. #RemembranceDay #Service #community

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"If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.~

#Remembranceday #MartinLutherKing

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I endeavour to speak good English cos apparently most times, "pidgin" won't fly.
#remembranceday #WorDPlaY #pun

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@seazlington @NAVRESNAV @VeteransFR_CA @VeteransENG_CA @ForcesCanada @RoyalCanNavy @CanadaNATO @RoyalCdnLegion @RCAF_ARC @projetmontreal @CanadianForces I disagree. I believe that it is quite appropriate for me to "appropriate" your Tweet "about the importance of #RemembranceDay & #ThePoppy" to call attention to what I consider to be the #complicity of "certain elected officials" in the #repression of #CivilRights & #freedoms.

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@GWGoldnadel @Le_CRIF témoignage émouvant par @DavidHarrisAJC qui renforce le témoignage de feu Shimon Peres, comment les moines orthodoxes🇬🇷 du Mont Athos l’ont mis à l’abri... #RemembranceDay #HolocaustRemembranceDay #greece #Grèce #zakynthos #zakinthos

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Our dear fallen heroes and the living great minds, we are celebrating you today been your day of respect and honor. Your memories will never end in our life.

#january15 #remembranceday #lestweforget #remembrance #army #remembrancesunday #remember #worldwar #armisticeday

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This is happening at 2:30 Seattle time. I will be lighting a candle.
#RemembranceDay 🕯

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This Tuesday, January 19 we are bringing Americans together to honor the lives lost to COVID-19.

Light a candle in your window for our nationwide moment of remembrance.

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Even Imo state?! It can't just be a coincidence that the pigeons refuse to fly, some people have been rejected. #birds #RemembranceDay

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When 'doves cry' but refuse to fly as witnessed yesterday #remembranceday we remember the legendary Prince, and cast our minds to lovers who are fighting dirty under the rains. The eagle sits like a lame duck on our coat of arms uncertain of the future.

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And let us remember our responsibility to follow the example of the heroes of Zakynthos - especially as the forces of hate rear their ugly heads again.

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This killed me, watch till the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
#authentik #authentiktv #pigeons #remembranceday #tundeednut

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@Maria_N_O @IdyllicallyW Let me help you remember 🤔🤔 #RemembranceDay

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On the 30th anniversary of Ursula Hirschmann’s death, we honor her memory as one of the Founding Mothers of Europe.

#RemembranceDay #federalist #Europe #feminist

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This pigeon beheld and witnessed what happened during #EndSARS and passed a message to the rest, little wonder the white doves refused to fly when the where let lose on #RemembranceDay in Nigeria.😢

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who put their lives forward for our safety.🙏

Happy Armed Forces #RemembranceDay.

@YaxsyMand @DrMairoMandara @ChiefOjukwu @BashirAhmaad @Omojuwa @ShehuSani @amnesty @NigAirForce

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Aremania juga merusak gawang sisi selatan, serta membakar papan iklan.

Setelah melihat kondisi yang tidak memungkinkan, LAZ langsung diamankan oleh pihak keamanan.

Dari pertandingan itulah, menjadi awal proses take over oleh Bentoel.

#RemembranceDay #SalamSatuJiwa #AremaFC

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When you see a Soldier smile😊 it's a good sign☑

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I noticed that the two pigeons that pretended to fly away eventually came back sef #RemembranceDay #pigeons 😂😂😂 #NigeriaNawaO

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On the plus side, @BrianPallister, it seems at first glance at least @kelvin_goertzen isn’t #transphobic so I should be #thankful for that right?

I mean, that nets to zero since you ignored me addressing the very binary language you used on #RemembranceDay, but who’s counting?

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Rememberance Day: We must support widows, children of fallen heroes, says Dapo Abiodun
#RemembranceDay #newsonthemove

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Armed Forces Remembrance Day, 1970.
The year the war ended.

Head over to our Instagram to watch the full video.

🎥: Reuters

#thefacadenigeria #RemembranceDay #historyofnigeria

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@abdoul_official @ustaznazifi @Emahdada @arewacycle @teemerhtafoki @khadeeja_yusuff @BunzaAly @Kantin_Arewa @umarGaya3 @__Abdoul_Bbg @arewacreative On this day in 1966, Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, The Sardauna of Sokoto, and founder of the great Ahmadu Bello University was assassinated in a coup!

Your name lives on 💯
Your legacy lives on 💯

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So Nigerian police no dey do #RemembranceDay ko basa mutuwa ne 😅💔

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It’s #armedforceremembranceday.
Today, we pay our respects to those who have paid the ultimate price and we honor those who put their lives on the line again and again for the sake of our nation. Thank you, for your heroism.

#remembranceday #nigeria

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#RemembranceDay #remember #coliseum100x100 #ColiseumChannel

👉 Sesión COLISEUM 100x100 Recuerda la música!!!! 🔊🔊🔊 (Temazos y Cantadit... via @YouTube

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#RemembranceDay Our fallenHeroes

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The Pigeon 🕊️ decide say hin no go gree for Bubu as usual Baba kuku waka say if you no see me, I no send you. 🤣
#RemembranceDay #Buhari #ThankASoldier

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Jk😋 follow me and I follow back
Pinky swear😛😛
@Ojere5 @Akpanannang @djkaywise @Tedywonder1 #RemembranceDay #stingymenassociationofnigeria #djkalifa

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You pay your tailor 3K, you dey send am @Ebuka picture. For what exactly?? #ThankASoldier #ThankYouNigerianArmy #Jan15 #PigeonsLivesMatter #PigeonGate #RemembranceDay

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The military be giving us some Odumeje the Indaboski vibe.

#ThankYouNigerianArmy #RemembranceDay

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