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¡Elige bien de qué lado vas a trepar para evitar a tus enemigos!

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my worst mistake ive ever made is not playing this game. its so beautiful omg #SuperMario3DAllStars #NintendoSwitch

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Pues no estamos como para echar cohetes, es otro directos en el que vamos a sufrir, y cuando parecía que íbamos pillando el tranquillo, la realidad te suelta una bofetada en la cara

#SuperMario3DAllStars #SuperMarioSunshine #Twitch #GamePlay #LetsPlay

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Took awhile to get around to it but 3D all stars is 100% complete #SuperMario3DAllStars

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using all my available ASSets 2 beat this stupid penguin #SuperMario3DAllStars #NintendoSwitch

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Wonder how Mario's arms feel after being turned into a helicopter. #SuperMario3DAllStars #NintendoSwitch

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Holy shit I got bomb clip first try #SuperMario3DAllStars #NintendoSwitch

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Super Mario 64 yall! I have never played this game before please don't crucify me! Join up ladies and gentleman and watch me play as an Italian plumber in a fantasy land of mushrooms! #SuperMario3DAllStars #Firstplay #RazerStreamer

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