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One of the most kind #FollowFriday #thread😉🤗

I guess we all can use some positive vibes this Friday! Check it out for some amazing people to connect😉

@OpenAcademics #AcademicChatter #phdlife

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Got scammed by a so called electricity supplier who took my money then blocked me, now i got no money to pay back and the owner is about to run out of electricity, someone please help, below is our conversation,


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Today I turned 34 and just to be straight I am a Conservative Kipsigis Man thus I don't take keen interest on celebrating my birthdays and other would be anniversaries.
Just sharing a FEW LIFE'S LESSONS that have shaped who I AM and my worldview.

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Going warp speed to nowhere.

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Please if you have elderly ones (your parents and grandparents), take them to hospital/clinic for regular for regular BP and Random Blood Sugar/Fasting Blood Sugar Check.
Just today, patients X, Y & Z.

X is newly diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.

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Help to prevent toxicity on social media #Thread

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An Open Letter To Those Who Don’t Believe In/ or are skeptical about Miracles!


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On Weds at @CommonsLiaison I urged PM to take urgent action on Covid border measures as it was 4 wks since South Africa variant emerged & now new Brazil strain. Good he is waking up to this now & starting to act. Stronger testing/quarantine system is needed to catch new strains

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Very insightful & contemplative #Thread on #Equanimity & #Saranagati, unqualified surrender to one's Ishta Devata!


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Merci beaucoup @Monox5 pour le #thread...

Quant au « Gonzo » => « bruit de chasse d’eau »

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⭐ Observation, #Persévérance et #Résilience
J'ai une véritable passion pour les vieux journaux📰 à des dates qui me parlent.
Cela m'a beaucoup appris dans l'observation a posteriori des évènements.
#vendredilecture #passionlecture #passionhistoire #thread

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The experience of a village doctor... #pregnancy #MedTwitter
A booked G4P3(3A) @Term.
Spontaneous rupture of membrane + drainage of liquor.
Meconium stain +++
Cervix is 6cm dilated stretchable to 7cm.
Madam please don't push or bear down until u're told to do so.

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Thread -
Life is unpredictable. The more we think we hv figured it all out, the more mysterious it gets. It makes us ponder at its ability to pull off unimaginable tricks! There r some happy surprises n some downright cruel! It is when we r delivered an unexpected blow that

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So very frustrating. #thread

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#thread on #vaccines - calling frontline social care workers - see details 👀👇

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Anyone else patiently waiting on another epic #thread from @MattDHayes? 👀

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Aujourd'hui on s'attaque a des #Thread du #DarkWeb ! Une histoire de fou de truc ! N'hésitez pas a partager a balle !

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ज़रा सी दिल में दे जगह तू
ज़रा सा अपना ले बना
ज़रा सा खाव्बों में सजा तू
ज़रा सा यादों में बसा मैं

चाहूँ तुझको मेरी जान बेपनाह
फ़िदा हूँ तुझ पे मेरी जान बेपनाह

#Thread #song

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“Resisting arrest is not a death penalty crime. Running from police is not a death penalty crime.”

“Failure to stop for a blue light ain’t a death penalty crime.”
@foxcarolinanews #thread

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Are you a frontline social care worker working with adults and/or children?

If you’re…

👉providing care for someone privately
👉providing care via a charity or voluntary organisation
👉working for a care company not directly commissioned by Doncaster Council/CCG


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Laïcité, tenaille identitaire, antisémitisme, racisme, complotisme, populisme…
Bel échange (59 min) entre @YounsBenHaddou3 et @Enthoven_R sur le compte Instagram de @Lobservateurpo1

À ne pas manquer !
#thread Extraits⤵️

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Last night, I received disturbing news, confirmed to me directly by General Perna of Operation Warp Speed: States will not be receiving increased shipments of vaccines from the national stockpile next week, because there is no federal reserve of doses.

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I think we need another dog thread. It was requested of me by a Twitter friend so let's begin. Let's smile a bit shall we? Starting with Mack, who drools like Niagara Falls as soon as you hold up a treat.

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People frustrated with the negative sides of Twitter sometimes ask me what they can do about it. Here's a thread with some ideas.

Whether you have 100 followers or a million, you can do something to help… 📢

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💉Efficacité des vaccins seulement de 19 à 29%

🔥Histoire de la construction d'une Fake News, un thread ⬇️

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1.[Thread du vendredi]
Je t'❤ à mourir

Vendredi 14h15, mon téléphone sonne
Je n'ai jamais aimé les coups de fil des vendredis après-midi
Ce ne sont jamais des appels pour de belles histoires
J'ai pris une aspiration et j'ai décroché en sachant pertinemment que c'était urgent

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It’s #followfriday!

It would be nice to have some positivity today and to spread a bit of love so:

1) Describe yourself in 3 positive words
2) Tag 4 other people and give them each a positive word you associate with them!

@OpenAcademics #AcademicTwitter

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I wanted to tell a little story about one of the most fascinating Parisian muses of the 19th century:

Jeanne Duval.

She was known in her time as "the Black Venus."

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Antifa/BLM activist & arrested Capitol siege agitator John Sullivan's adopted daddy is Air Force Maj. Gen. Kevin J. Sullivan.

The Air Force general was reprimanded and resigned after an incident involving *NUCLEAR WARHEADS.*

This raises *NO QUESTIONS* whatsoever. [Thread.]🔻

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Remember we almost had Covid Zero already back in June when we had it down to a few cases a day, even with the Border

All we had to do was to Quarantine at the airports and ports, to fund and resource our Public Health teams, to intensify test and trace, to keep on top of it


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Having just heard the 5,000th Trump apologist pundit make the same argument(s), I feel like venting.

So, as the say, thread:


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आँखों में आँखें तेरी
बाहों में बाहें तेरी
मेरा ना मुझमें कुछ रहा… हुआ क्या..
बातों में बातें तेरी रातें सौगातें तेरी
क्यूँ तेरा सब ये हो गया… हुआ क्या..

मैं कहीं भी जाता हूँ
तुमसे ही मिल जाता हूँ
तुमसे ही, तुमसे ही...

#SongOfTheDay #Thread #Song

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We have written a piece reflecting on last week's judicial review on the Scottish Government's Gender Representation on Public Boards Act:

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O jewa ke eng ?

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“Delhi police, after having arrested @Sudhabharadwaj, waited for @republic TV to arrive before taking her to court”: from a joint statement condemning the “nationwide” arrest of activists and intellectuals in the #BhimaKoregaon case. #SuburbanNaxals

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