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Look who is watching #TheFabulousLives. #HiddenGem #Bridgerton 😁😁

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. Happy that our show, #TheFabulousLives of Bollywood Wives is here. Our bright spot this year :-) πŸ™

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When #TheFabulousLives gets Queer Eyed :-) Tan France is watching. @manumaharshi @aneeshabaig ( and liking) @LazyEpicurean

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@nowme_datta @LazyEpicurean @aneeshabaig @manumaharshi @karanjohar - Come of Your Fancy zone and see the suffering of common people... I feel Sorry for You That Instead of speaking out fr farmers, You Are Thinking about #TheFabulousLives you Have !
#i_stand_with_farmers #FarmersProtest #BollywoodSpeakup

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Thank you @srijanapiya17 This is such a lovely description. A glass of bubbly - vintage 'Peshawari French'. #TheFabulousLives 😁

@aneeshabaig @manumaharshi @LazyEpicurean

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@nowme_datta Saw #FabulousLivesofBollywoodWives - and what fun! Finally a show which doesn't sink under the weight of its profundity - or profanity! Light, chilled & sparkly, the show's like a glass of bubbly - vintage 'Peshawari French', of course!😊😊 Very nice, Naomi!

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I think this is my favourite piece on #TheFabulousLives. The journalist actually spoke to a clinical psychologist to understand why it is totally ok to like the show 😁 and you don't need to feel guilty. @LazyEpicurean @aneeshabaig @manumaharshi

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That scene from #Parampara which is referenced by Raveena and Neelam in #TheFabulousLives on @netflix. #SaifAliKhan - β€œPratap has landed!”

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This was hilarious. From insta. She is fun. #TheFabulousLives

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This was fun. @thetanmay & @PrashastiSingh reacting to #TheFabulousLives was super funny

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I am sorry. But this weekend mostly will be about the show! Apologies in advance! A show launch is just very exciting & we are all monitoring reactions. Here is @Variety on #TheFabulousLives. @aneeshabaig @LazyEpicurean @manumaharshi

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I love that we have to send a survey monkey to plan dinner. #thefabulouslives of @AshtonLee1 @aschump @gclayto

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