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#JeetKiZidd fantastic series Kudos @ZEE5Premium for making great content.
Kudos to @BoneyKapoor @TheAmitSadh @sushant_says @AlyGoni #AmritaPuri and the rest of the cast and crew for an amazing show.
Our country needs many more motivational webs series as Jeet Ki Zid.

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@sidharth__am22 @AlyGoni @risingsparkle00 @Abhu23208063 @_a_sanaaa_ @Jaslymylove1 @jasly_s @rinal_vee07 @JasminF66610773 @Aashisehgal4 @Jaslyy5 Cute and Handsome combo

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#JeetKiZidd A Must Watch !! 👏👏👏♥️

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The harder you work,
more luck you will have by your side.

All the best @AlyGoni


#JeetKiZidd Streaming Now on @zee5premium

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#JeetKiZidd Review will be OUT tomorrow morning! Last 2 episodes 🤓 @TheAmitSadh @ZEE5Premium #JeetKiZiddReview

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@TheAmitSadh क्या कहूं सर आपके बारे में। #JeetKiZidd में आपने जो काम किया है वो बहुत ही काबिले तारीफ है।

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@TheAmitSadh @freshlimefilms @BoneyKapoor @BayViewProjOffl @akash77 @JoyArunava @sushant_says @AlyGoni @vish2vish @ZEE5Premium Can't wait to seeee thissss😍😍😍💯💯💯 trailer looked amazing... Going to start watching it tonight 😍🔥

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@TheAmitSadh 's #JeetKiZidd is 10/10 🙌🙌 I am truly stunned as I watched him play, Major Deep Singh. Feel so Proud of this bundle of talent. His Performances as Major Deep is Stuck in My Head. So so Happy for You Amit. Be Blessed. May Success Always Be with You. I Love You❤️

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I am listening—lots of love. ❤️ Yeh Jeet hai Zidd Ki, Humari, hum sab ki Zidd ki

#JeetKiZid Streaming Now

#AmritaPuri @freshlimefilms @boneykapoor @BayViewProjOffl @akash77 @JoyArunava @sushant_says @AlyGoni @vish2vish @ZEE5Premium

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Dear @TheAmitSadh

I don't know you are reading this or not..
Your acting is stunning asusual,
I've not finish all episodes yet #JeetKiZidd
But i've been enjoying men,even i don't have words what should i say about #JeetKiZidd

Wonderful Series men!!!

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@akash77 @TheAmitSadh @freshlimefilms @BoneyKapoor @BayViewProjOffl @JoyArunava @sushant_says @AlyGoni @vish2vish @ZEE5Premium That’s fantastic stuff team #JeetKiZidd 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Episode 3 #JeetKiZidd @ZEE5India @majorgauravarya kya sahi dikha rhe hain Major sahab 🙏

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Oh My God!! @TheAmitSadh you rocked!! You made me cry, smile, excited and wanted to see you again all at the same time!! Best acting of yours till now❤️ #JeetKiZidd #zee5 #AmitSadh

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Prince Charming 😍

@AlyGoni #AlyGoni
@TeamAlyGoni @legendscolony

#JeetKiZidd Streaming Now on @zee5premium

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@AlyGoni As Surya

His Acting is peak level. So Realistic.

#AlyGoni #JeetKiZidd

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All the love and best wishes to @AlyGoni for his debut webseries #Zidd #JeetKiZidd ! Many more to come 💯❤️

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Fierce 🔥 and cute😍 at the same time.
#Surya🔥🔥 #AlyGoni
@AlyGoni @IlhamGoni

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A story which needs to be known. A performance by @TheAmitSadh which needs to be awarded.
My review below-
@sushant_says @vish2vish @freshlimefilms @BayViewProjOffl @BoneyKapoor @AlyGoni @akash77 @JoyArunava #AmritaPuri #JeetKiZidd

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WHAT AN AMAZING SERIES!! Breathtaking journey of the brave soldier!!

@TheAmitSadh did full justice to the role!!! You were amazing!!! ❤️

@AlyGoni @IlhamGoni Alyyyyyy😍😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ you nailed your character!!!

#AmritaPuri #sushantsingh they are sensational!!


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Deeply touched by the incredible story of Major Deep Sir ft @TheAmitSadh .Unbeatable performances by Colonel Ranjit Sir and not to forget the backbone of the whole story=Jaya mam ft #AmritaPuri
Salute to all wives 👏 TheArmyBehindTheArmy
Must Watch #JeetKiZidd @ZEE5Premium

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#VishalMangalorkar #BoneyKapoor, #ArunavaJoySengupta, #AkashChawla #JeetKiZidd I have known a person of Major Gopal Mitra, whose story is very inspirational similar to Major deep singh. Not sure if you ever come across his life during the research.

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That is again a superb performance by @TheAmitSadh in #JeetKiZidd.

Guys like me have been watching you since #kaipoche and now since with the OTT we can really enjoy some great performances of you more frequently.

Wish you keep entertaining us like this ever and ever.

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TV Series: Jeet Ki Zid (2021) Complete Season 1 Review | Amit Sadh - Amrita Puri | #JeetKiZidReview | #RanjeetJaiswalReviews
देखों, जरूर देखो आप।

#JeetKiZid #JeetKiZidReview #Newsnation18IN #JeetKiZidd #JeetKiZid2021Review #JeetKiZid2021

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#JeetKiZidd fantastic web series Kudos @ZEE5Premium for baking great content
Kudos @TheAmitSadh ( once again u killer it ) and the rest of the cast and crew for an amazing show😍😎💯

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The reviews + response I am hearing for #JeetKiZidd and @TheAmitSadh's performance in it, is getting me all pumped up to binge the series this weekend.

First, #Avrodh, and now this, we have here a lead actor who has delivered 2 successes on OTT, within 6 months!! @ZEE5India

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@TheAmitSadh पिछले कुछ महीनों में मैंने आपकी काफी मूवी और ओ टी टी वेबसेरीज़ देखी और आपका अभिनय बहुत सराहनीय है, में आपका बहुत बड़ा प्रशंसक बन चुका हूं। #JeetKiZid #JeetKiZidd

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#JeetKiZid on @ZEE5Premium is about #courage #Hardwork and #zidd. A true inspiring story.
@TheAmitSadh and @sushant_says wins hearts ❤️❤️

@AlyGoni #AmritaPuri @BoneyKapoor

#JeetKiZidd #Review

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Look who’s making my quarantine better and happier..
in this quarter period he is a gift yo watch. Started and already loving it 😘 #JeetKiZid #JeetKiZidd @TheAmitSadh

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Show your love and support for our sher #AlyGoni #JeetKiZidd
@AlyGoni #ReuniteJaslyInBB

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@IlhamGoni @AlyGoni Yes ofcourse ilham dii we will show him full love and support to our sher Aly Bcoz he deserve it all 💯❤️😚



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Review जीत की जिद- सैनिकों के जिद को जिंदा करते हैं अमित साध, सच्ची कहानी में दमदार परफॉरमेंस

Read more at:
@ZEE5Premium #JeetKiZid #JeetKiZidd @TheAmitSadh @sushant_says @AlyGoni #Review

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@TheAmitSadh @freshlimefilms @BoneyKapoor @BayViewProjOffl @akash77 @JoyArunava @sushant_says @AlyGoni @vish2vish @ZEE5Premium I am still in awe the way you crawled over those stones in the scene ! I always believed that there's nothing that you can't do ! You can do any role, any scene, with pure dedication and commitment. #jeetkizidd

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The true story of a living legend whose willpower redefined impossible. #JeetKiZid is Streaming Now

#AmritaPuri @freshlimefilms @boneykapoor @BayViewProjOffl @akash77 @JoyArunava @sushant_says @AlyGoni @vish2vish @ZEE5Premium

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