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Today I watched as my husband was flown by helicopter from one hospital to another. It felt like watching my heart take flight. Please help #prayBillhome Our kids and grandchildren miss him. And Of course I miss him. Our home is just a house without him in it. #mondaythoughts

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2:30 in the morning and sleep eludes me. Why is it when you need rest the most your mind spins and you are wide awake? The good news is God works the night shift. Going to #prayBillhome #missmyhusband

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Another day on the ventilator but today I saw his eyes! And they did a test to see if he could breathe on his own. He did for an hour! Another test later today. Thank you Jesus and thank you for #prayers Please keep it up. #prayBillhome #ThursdayThoughts

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After 23 days we are together. Please 🙏 he gets off ventilator and recovers completely. Thank you friends. #Covid_19 #praybillhome

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Today is day 22. My husband has been in hospital since December 21 and on a ventilator since the 26th. We have been married 40 years and this is the longest we have ever been apart. I hate #Covid and what it does to families! Please #prayBillhome and pray for #HealthcareHeroes

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Today is day 18 without Bill at home. Doctors are optimistic but as long as he’s on a ventilator I’m going to keep asking you to #praybillhome Thank you to all who pray on his behalf.

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We met in the #FloridaKeys and a week after I met him I knew we would marry. 5 adult kids, 7 grands later I couldn’t love hum more. Please #prayBillhome

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Oh no, I’m so sorry. Sending hugs & hope to you. #PrayBillHome

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My favorite group was The Bee Gees and he took me to see them in concert. “You don’t know what it’s like to love somebody the way I love you,” became our song Snd “Georgia” by @WillieNelson because that’s where I lived when we met. Please #PrayBillHome

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Before he got sick he was learning to play The Eagles song, “Love will keep us alive” on the piano. I bought the cd and have the nurses play it for him every day. Please friends. #prayBillhome @GrandKidsMatter

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We dated for a year then married in 1980. We have never been apart more than a few nights. I can’t see him. I can’t hold his hand. All I can do is pray. Please join me and. #prayBillhome

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He’s a loving husband,father and grandfather and we miss him beyond measure. #prayBillhome @GrandparentHub @drkencanfield @GrandyCamp @GRANDMMagazine

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Friends, I know the world is in turmoil but so is my life. My husband of 40 years is still on a respirator, still trying to recover from Covid. Would you do me the honor and retweet and and ask others to #prayBillhome @kytastebuds @AndyBeshearKY @EveryThngKy

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