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 1 year ago
♨️ 🙏

♨️ 🙏

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@boom_mona @ZacEfron HAHAHA ya le iba a comentar y luego vi tu tweet 😂😂😂

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@Zxrdon @ZacEfron Ha ha me too! I had to zoom in to check!

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 1 year ago

@uneducatedvale @ZacEfron Seriously what is that? Lol

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 1 year ago

@ZacEfron Xa gracias fren, necesitaba esto

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 1 year ago

@ZacEfron You know what...
For a minute I thought my man Zac had a Black Dimmsdale DimmaDong...
But I just need Jesus.

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@ZacEfron I’d leave my whole family for you

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 1 year ago

@ZacEfron Por que no me das créditos por tomarte la foto

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 1 year ago

@ZacEfron ill give you a baby right now

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#DontTrustPeopleWho say Lebron James isn’t one of the top 2 ever basketball players

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@RealCarlVernon #DontTrustPeopleWho Wear masks on their Social Media Profiles as they generally seem to be supporting authoritarianism which borders on hysterical Medical Fascism at times. They have been so brainwashed by operation fear that all they have left is this dystopian virtue signal.

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#DontTrustPeopleWho don’t like dogs or voted Trump. If they’re both - straight to jail.

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@prairiegirl444 #DontTrustPeopleWho hold the right to life ransom to preserve a right to murder.

How hard is it to not kill children?

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#DontTrustPeopleWho replace the S in their name with a $.

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@stephiewex Get your 'alternative facts' straight! #SeditiousGOP #DontTrustPeopleWho

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#DontTrustPeopleWho are like @NathanDahm who retweets #Seditionist Lauren Boebart.

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who decorate with Satanic Christmas trees

(aka "I hate fooking Christmas.")


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