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 9 months ago
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 9 months ago

@Raisedbyreality @tomhanks @RitaWilson Husband is in good hands. He’ll make it through. Friend of mine is a pulmonologist and has an 89 patient with Covid Pneumonia ... they’re treating the pneumonia like any other and he’s pulling through. Getting better.

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 9 months ago

@tomhanks @RitaWilson Protect him at all costs

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@tomhanks @RitaWilson Good to hear. My husband is in the hospital right now with COVID pneumonia. It’s rough.

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@tomhanks @RitaWilson Sage advice. Thanks, Hanks’! Hope you’re well! ♥️

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 9 months ago

@tomhanks @RitaWilson Glad you’re ok GOAT

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@tomhanks @RitaWilson Q knows what you did

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#OneNightInMiami is absolutely brilliant. It's a must watch.

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man. Now I have to watch Ali and Malcolm X.

I really love this film.


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@michele_norris @ReignOfApril @Powerkeni I gotta figure out what to do with my life at this point. I had it planned out until I saw #OneNightInMiami on @PrimeVideo. Either @ReginaKing gone pay @RoshiniR to help me regroup or zap me with a flashy thing to make me forget what I just saw. This film is the truth!

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@ReginaKing great job with #onenightinmiami it was so good i couldn’t walk away at any point! Amazing story!

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I’ve got a lot of thoughts about #OneNightInMiami

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#OneNightInMiami was really good. I’m loving that these stories are being told.

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Yes, he knew and it tugged at my heart. #OneNightInMiami

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