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 6 months ago

Zac Efron is traveling around the world to see how we can fix it.

Down To Earth is now on Netflix

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@annewithshirley @netflix @netflix the joke ain't funny no more😑

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 6 months ago

@netflix omg zach is WOW

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@netflix renew anne

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 6 months ago

@netflix If the answer is Abs....There's a lot of work to do.

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 6 months ago

@netflix The OA Part III, please! πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ₯³

#SaveTheOA β™₯️

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#CLEvsKC LOL ok Browns. All you gotta do is take up 3:14 seconds and score......then score again.......and again................again...........I don't think KC is going to throw any snaps over Mahomes head anytime soon

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The Browns started off running well. Baker has to complete more on the play action or KC won't buy what Cle is tryna sell #CLEvsKC

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I mean are there more biased analysts for this game? The cameras haven’t left Mahomes all game! Dude could be picking his nose and they would cover it. πŸ˜‚ #CLEvsKC #DivisionalRound

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The Chiefs holder is built like the singer from your favorite emo band, and that's not a shot. 🀘 #CLEvsKC

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#CLEvsKC Every time Jim Nantz stops talking, it's because he has to spit in his hand, so there isn't a lot of friction, as he jerks off watching Patrick Mahomes play.

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Browns can’t play a vanilla defense. That 3rd Down call is what they need more of. Gotta try to keep Mahomes off rhythm, esp of that toe is going to be an issue. #CLEvsKC

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We need a touchdown on this upcoming drive if we wanna stay in the game #CLEvsKC

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Okay Clayborn! I see you eating. Definitely miss you as a falcon. #CLEvsKC

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