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 2 months ago

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our Food for Christmas campaign, to provide meals to children in Stockport over the two-week Christmas break.

Click below for more info on how you can help us reach our Β£220,000 target. @MarcusRashford


Replying to @ColeenRoo: Great campaign πŸ’™

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 2 months ago

Great campaign πŸ’™

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This one is looks likely RE Resistance, the game will be called as RE: VERSE. In honor to celebrating Resident Evil 25th Anniversary this year, all iconic icons (characters, zombies, bosses) will be brought to this MP game of RE. The concept looks neat btw! #REVerse #REShowcase

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Streaming the RE8 demo today and then jumping straight into RE1 sub to know when I go live! #REShowcase #ResidentEvilVillage

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NEWS: $AIHS Senmiao Technology Announces Second Order of 500 Electric Vehicles Under Framework Agreement with BYD

#REShowcase @StockHorizon @TraderJ95886811 @TimJuback $TWM $SRTY $SPXU $NXGB

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My reaction to the #REShowcase... it was weird. I liked what they showed of #ResidentEvilVillage. #REVerse is... something. And The Division 2 announcement means nothing to me personally, but is kinda neat nonetheless.
Feels like the overhyped the event, but maybe that's just me.

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As a direct sequel, Resident Evil Village would continue Ethan’s storyline and first-person gameplay which brings the horror directly to players. #REShowcase #ResidentEvilVillage

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Dear Gamers,

Don't say I never did anything for you.

#REShowcase #ResidentEvilVillage

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