Making of '@Match Made in Hell,' one @Adweek's 'Ads of the Year.' And no, @VancityReynolds isn't Satan. (Technically.)

credit: @rowlandbb

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@rklotz Profile picture klotzilla


 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Tim Curry in Legend is not amused.

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@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Amazing work🤗❤️😊👏👏

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 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb great job by all!!

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@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Amazing work!👏😍❤💕💞

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 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Epic!!

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@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Wow awesome I love the magical of great movies and videos ever with big effects

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@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb @VancityReynolds is the best boss and an Angel not a devil😂

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 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Checkout @mightymaxsych version! @MaximumEffort @VancityReynolds

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 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb @VancityReynolds is a BOSS!!

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@whitneywildrose OMFG. I cant look like im taking a shit and being sexy at the same time. BEST EVER X #RHOSLC

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#RHOSLC Girl, if that broke your marriage, it was already too far gone. Get it together.

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#RHOSLC When someone says it's more important for me to be your friend than to be heard, and you stare blankly at them, you're a bitch and you don't deserve friends. Heather's a good soul and Jen is a manipulative time bomb.

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1. Whitney
2. Mary
3. Meredith
4. Heather
5. Meredith’s son
6. Meredith’s dog
7. Marys closet
8. Lisa
9. Random people on the street
10. Jen

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Brooks almost eating that dog treat was by far the most entertaining thing he has done all season #RHOSLC

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Jen is pissed at Whitney because she had the balls to tell Meredith that she had been chatting shit about her marriage #RHOSLC

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I’m living for the clips for next week!!

Meredith tell Jen no one can tell her who to be friends with.

Jen coming at Whitney and Heather stepping in front of her and telling her to back off.

Everyone raising their hands when asked who doesn’t trust Jen.

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