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 4 weeks ago
Replying to @Pharrell: #HappyHour. @Drinkchamps TONIGHT at 10pm ET @revolttv

Replying to @Pharrell: #HappyHour. @Drinkchamps TONIGHT at 10pm ET @revolttv

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#HappyHour. @Drinkchamps TONIGHT at 10pm ET @revolttv

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@CawthornforNC I guess since you didn’t actually attend the Naval Academy you kinda misunderstand the severity of an insurrection. #stolenvalor

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@CawthornforNC Indeed, if you would lie about going to the Naval Academy; you would lie on the Constitution! Have you even read it?

Here is a sweet little infographic to help you learn. Read all the way to the bottom. Just like your career #StolenValor #14thAmendmentSection3

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@CoachMynatt @CawthornforNC The guy you're thanking for "telling the truth," is lying to you about his military education and did not graduate the Naval Academy. #StolenValor

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#StolenValor is one of the most fucking disgusting things to a military family.

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@CawthornforNC #stolenvalor I’ll forgive you for your stunt of... if I can stand... bla bla bla... but this kind of lie.... just wheel your ass on out of here

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