Huge thanks to toy companies for allowing parents to assemble your product ourselves. And huge thanks to hell for accepting me into your warm embrace.

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 3 weeks ago

@PdxAlia @VancityReynolds One year Santa drank one too many fortified egg nogs and many stickers were placed upside down.

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 3 weeks ago

@TarahRigby @VancityReynolds Pandemic social distancing is an awesome leveller

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@lookatthesparks @VancityReynolds Impressive. Most people with spare parts left over never figure out how to attach them.

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 3 weeks ago

@VancityReynolds I had to put this together myself, and that was hard enough 😅

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@VancityReynolds What you can’t pay for someone to assemble them for you? And here I was thinking you were big time 🤣

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 3 weeks ago

@VancityReynolds 3 worst words a parent can here: "Some assembly required".

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 3 weeks ago

@VancityReynolds Merry Christmas!

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@VancityReynolds Toy Companies response...

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#RHOSLC When someone says it's more important for me to be your friend than to be heard, and you stare blankly at them, you're a bitch and you don't deserve friends. Heather's a good soul and Jen is a manipulative time bomb.

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1. Whitney
2. Mary
3. Meredith
4. Heather
5. Meredith’s son
6. Meredith’s dog
7. Marys closet
8. Lisa
9. Random people on the street
10. Jen

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Brooks almost eating that dog treat was by far the most entertaining thing he has done all season #RHOSLC

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Jen is pissed at Whitney because she had the balls to tell Meredith that she had been chatting shit about her marriage #RHOSLC

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I’m living for the clips for next week!!

Meredith tell Jen no one can tell her who to be friends with.

Jen coming at Whitney and Heather stepping in front of her and telling her to back off.

Everyone raising their hands when asked who doesn’t trust Jen.

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Heather backing Whitney because Jen won’t take responsibility for her actions, Jen is so annoying #RHOSLC

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@TheRealJenShah is such a silly, horrible , unstable woman. Get a f*cking life. Grow up and act your age it’s time to stop deflecting and blaming others for your deranged behaviour. Boring AF. #RHOSLC #SaltLakeCity #BravoTV

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JUST IN: $BKTPF Cruz Cobalt Planning to Commence Operations in the Historic Silver-Cobalt Producing Region of Ontario

#RHOSLC @newsfile_corp $YNVYF $BKTPF $NXGB $DLOC

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