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. @Facebook, @Instagram, @Twitter, @Google, Mark Zuckerberg, @SherylSandberg, @jack, @Sundarpichai, @SusanWojcicki

. @Facebook, @Instagram, @Twitter, @Google, Mark Zuckerberg, @SherylSandberg, @jack, @Sundarpichai, @SusanWojcicki

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@itsICHINOSE @selenagomez @Facebook @instagram @Twitter @Google @sherylsandberg @jack @sundarpichai @SusanWojcicki ela disse quê as plataformas sociais como insta, fb e twitter deixaram as pessoas jogar ódio nas plataformas sociais, e que eles decepcionaram a sociedade americana.

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@selenagomez @Facebook @instagram @Twitter @Google @sherylsandberg @jack @sundarpichai @SusanWojcicki thank you for using your platform💕

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@selenagomez @Facebook @instagram @Twitter @Google @sherylsandberg @jack @sundarpichai @SusanWojcicki EXACTLY. YOU TELL EM 👏

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@selenagomez @Facebook @instagram @Twitter @Google @sherylsandberg @jack @sundarpichai @SusanWojcicki Get em

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@selenagomez @Facebook @instagram @Twitter @Google @sherylsandberg @jack @sundarpichai @SusanWojcicki I choose @selenagomez for Best Female English Voice at #GaanaUsersChoiceIcons @gaana

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@selenagomez @Facebook @instagram @Twitter @Google @sherylsandberg @jack @sundarpichai @SusanWojcicki a não pelo amor de deus

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@selenagomez @Facebook @instagram @Twitter @Google @sherylsandberg @jack @sundarpichai @SusanWojcicki yes! call them out!!!

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#FridayMotivation: Get a smoke, carbon monoxide and natural gas alarm with flashing lights or vibrating signals if you’re deaf or hard of hearing. #LifeSavingSkills

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My #FridayMotivation?

📌Knowing this is Impeachment Hyena's FINAL Friday in OUR White House. 🍻

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Our editor wants to know - What's the biggest challenge you're facing currently? 👩‍💻

#FridayMotivation #WomenSupportingWomen #StartupLife

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the world is like a game In which one mistake done then the game will over but don't upset because you also play another game.
#FridayMotivation @MohdNawedAnwar

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“Because my teacher believed in me, I never gave up. Now I am flying towards my dreams.” – Heidi McDonald Thank you to all educators.
#FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling

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