Eu pago um caminhão de imposto. E se a minha mãe vier me visitar e estacionar o carro dela em frente a minha casa ela toma multa. Mas se um crackeiro de 30 anos estacionar a boca de fumo dele em frente a minha casa, tá tudo certo.

A sua cidade tá um LIXO @brunocovas e @jdoriajr

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 3 days ago

@Hen_FR @DaniloGentili @brunocovas @jdoriajr Imagina se eles tivessem nas redes sociais. As vezes surgiria até um novo partido, ou um movimento contra o preconceito.

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@DaniloGentili @brunocovas @jdoriajr Tudo certo só não! Recebe até imunidade tributária!

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 3 days ago

@DaniloGentili @brunocovas @jdoriajr Tá uma merda inteira @brunocovas e @jdoriajr

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@DaniloGentili @brunocovas @jdoriajr Cuidado, ainda podem colocar uma ciclofaixa na porta da sua casa.

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 3 days ago
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 3 days ago

@DaniloGentili @brunocovas @jdoriajr Para que serve o Estado, se não for para penalizar o cidadão e se colocar de quatro para o crime organizado?

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@DaniloGentili @brunocovas @jdoriajr Precisamos de mais PPP

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@DaniloGentili @brunocovas @jdoriajr Sempre sobra pros crackeiros. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

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 3 days ago

@DaniloGentili @brunocovas @jdoriajr Isso se chama gestão danilo, uma SP mais inteligente kkkkkkkkkkkk

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If Jack can keep shooting the puck right there this year is gonna be fun. 7 out of 10 that’s in the back of the net.

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@2yuzey4 #NJDevils Palmieri is going to make mistakes. How can we be critical after getting 3 pts against Boston with like 5 rookies and no Nico, Jesper, and Vat?

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Know the name. Yegor Sharangovich is here to stay.

Have a feeling #NJDevils fans will love Govy. What a moment.

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This covid crap needs to end I need the bar after a devils win with the fam! #Njdevils

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“We got better each game as the game went on, which is a good sign. We want to keep that up. We’re going to enjoy our first win here for sure.”

Hear from Ryan Murray after the team’s first win of the season.

#NJDevils | @UnibetUS

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@RandyLahey1994 #NJdevils McLoed played great today as did Bastian. We are on such a different page. L4 has been very serviceable and dare i say good. McLoed has been tough on pucks and opponents and L4 has outplayed their opponents. I was the first to say he blows but I’m changing my tune.

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“So far Yegor’s looked great. He makes an impact when he gets out there on the ice. To be trusted in all situations is big and awesome to see so early in his career.”

Hear from Kyle Palmieri after the win this afternoon.

#NJDevils | @UnibetUS

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I'm only just processing now that #NJDevils Yegor Sharangovich's goal came with two seconds left in OT.

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