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 1 day ago

It’s amazing what we can do together 🤜🤛

@JHenderson, @Alex_OxChambo and @XS_11official join the movement to help the planet one bite at a time 🙌

Find out more about #MeatFreeMatchdays with @QuornFoods 👇

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@LFC @JHenderson @Alex_OxChambo @XS_11official @QuornFoods Don’t care until we get a CB

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 1 day ago

@LFC @JHenderson @Alex_OxChambo @XS_11official @QuornFoods Win the cup, win the fans

Follow @strong_leaders to learn about strong mentality and leadership.

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@LFC @JHenderson @Alex_OxChambo @XS_11official @QuornFoods Ox😍

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 1 day ago

@LFC @JHenderson @Alex_OxChambo @XS_11official @QuornFoods announce win please

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@LFC @JHenderson @Alex_OxChambo @XS_11official @QuornFoods Shut up and buy a cb

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Thank you so much y’all for hanging out with me
Without your support this wouldn’t be what it is today
Here’s to season 2 xx #ewandthewilds #thewilds

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Alright, #TheWilds fans! That sure was fun, huh? Thanks for joining our watch party and live tweeting the first episode with us! Now let's all go rewatch the rest of season 1 (again) ... #EWandTheWilds

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@reignedwards what was the hardest part of filming the pilot? #EWandTheWilds

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@shangraceberry I am obssesed with the song now so thanks😂 #EWandTheWilds

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eating disprders in sports are rarely discussed and kind of a taboo topic often masked by the demands of the sport so thank you for shining light on it :)) @reignedwards #EWandTheWilds

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@shangraceberry how would you describe Dot to someone that has never watched the show? #thewilds #EWandTheWilds

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@abharris yesss more girls... keep the boys we dont need them 🤭 #TheWilds  #EWandTheWilds

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@miahealey2 @shangraceberry @thewildsonprime @reignedwards @jenna_clause @erana_james #TheWilds what is something you want to see in season 2?!?

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