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 5 days ago

💬 "He is so good with the kids. When you look at people who can help and be a role model, he is always with them, always supporting them, giving them confidence and advice. It is great to have someone like him around."

🗞 More from @m8arteta on the influence of @DavidLuiz_4 👇

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 5 days ago

@guenkik @Arsenal @m8arteta @DavidLuiz_4 Coming back to take his place

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 5 days ago

@amaanx77 @Arsenal @m8arteta @DavidLuiz_4 Nah actually David Luiz has been decent and leader

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 5 days ago

@scotty1mcpippin @Arsenal @m8arteta @DavidLuiz_4 Adam Johnson vibes

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @m8arteta @DavidLuiz_4 he's starting today, isn't he?

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 5 days ago
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@Arsenal @m8arteta @DavidLuiz_4 He’s good with the what ?

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 5 days ago
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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @m8arteta @DavidLuiz_4 Bin him and Willian

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Great work by The Devine Bette Midler. Donnie's farewell message. Please share with hashtag #GoodbyeDonnie thanks

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The whole world saying #GoodbyeDonnie right now...

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@MeidasTouch #GoodbyeDonnie it hasn’t been nice you won’t be missed

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