Andrew Yang is running for New York mayor. He wants universal basic income — and "TikTok Hype Houses."

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@ghostof_tom @washingtonpost Over taxed? No one in the US is paying more in taxes now then they were at any point in the last 40 years.

Read Yang's book.

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@Benjami14670348 @washingtonpost People can pick up garbage any time the want.

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@thedogshala @washingtonpost I agree though we did get universal preK first term. That was big. It was a huge mistake to RE-elect the man though. Can’t believe he didn’t resign after how he handled the BLM protests.

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@BishesBrew @washingtonpost LOL, Yang isn't a resident either and he can take a hike twice.

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@washingtonpost How ‘bout clean streets and subways first.

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@washingtonpost We already have a hard enough time getting people to work, paying them for nothing will not help. Why not simply tax the working class far less. We are clearly over taxed as it is given we have so much extra money to send over seas.

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@washingtonpost Couldn't be worse than deblasio

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@washingtonpost I am not a New York resident, but Andrew Yang can take a hike with that nonsense.

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@washingtonpost He can’t do worse than De Blasio.

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#GoodMorningTwitterWorld what’s on the agenda for today?

Me: 4 loads of laundry, dust, sweep, mop, take our trash, get mail, change furnace air filter, meal prep, and finish #editing
But first: #coffee


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i just used the jaws of life to get one of those old-timey whiskey flasks of maple syrup open #ThatsSoCanadian #SundayFunday #SundayMorning

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New Comic! #96 “A New Day…”

Adam enjoys a beautiful day.

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Think layers of snow in Stroud!! Was certainly a proper #WINTER scene to wake up to this #SundayMorning

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#sundayvibes #SundayMorning

🇺🇸Sorry GOP - We Don’t Compromise Fascism 🇺🇸

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#SundayMorning reads: The #founder who decided to to stop #fundraising and instead hold onto her equity by @rachelking for @fortune #VentureCapital #entrepreneurship

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Good morning Tweethearts!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
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On this #SundayMorning all I can think about is the $2000 dollars the American people have yet to receive and won’t receive for months because #JoeBiden is a liar. #sundayvibes

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