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"During the time that he was working on his degree, he carried the load for us as he has for my entire life. His selfless act shows a glimpse to his character. Words truly cannot express how proud I am of him."

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@ABC Bapak yang baik.

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@ABC What at great father

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#연준이에게_물어봐 k-pop fans please disable your life functions

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what if yeonjun sees my dn and shows it to soobin 😳
#연준이에게_물어봐 @TXT_members

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@TXT_members 당신은 아주 좋은 형제이고 춤을 아주 잘 춘다. 나는 당신의 춤을 좋아합니다

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[TR] MOA~~~
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#연준이에게_물어봐 (# Yeonjunie'ye sorun)


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