Tom Vilsack’s nomination as agriculture secretary reopens old wounds for Black farmers

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@thebluesaregood @washingtonpost Don't forget the death grip big Ag has on seeds.

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost Firewalled, but does this article mention asking ol' Shirley what she thinks about it, as her clumsy firing is really what this is about, because if no one has it's likely just an excuse for WaPo to stir a pot, no one knows the Dept. of Ag. better, ask her, I'd bet she agrees.

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@washingtonpost I truly hope that either vileSack withdraws himself from this nomination OR Biden does. If neither thing happens, I hope that vileSack is NOT confirmed. He is truly the last person who should be heading AG!

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@washingtonpost I can’t see the article because I’m not a subscriber. But this doesn’t sound promising.

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 1 week ago
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@washingtonpost Why we couldn't build family wealth..☠🇺🇲

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@washingtonpost The American farming industry needs so much help.

We need to educate farmers on regenerative farming, stop monoculture farms and allow farmers to be able to break free from costly gov't contracts.

Support your LOCAL farmers and ranchers.

Even MAGA needs food. Some even organic

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dustion poirer buried deep this low shît conor mcgregor .. conor puzzy cat never ever spît a single word for the ""eagLe"" . #UFC257

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Post #UFC257 sleep & the @amandaribasufc loss still hurts. Hurts more than the Conor loss... 🤦🏽‍♂️

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Bruh just watched #UFC257 and my word McGregor got fucked in round two and ended up getting KOed 😂

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@Benaskren He is overrated too much... All the rants he is making are just bs and it shows how weak he is... There's phrase that says *empty can sound the loudest* I think Connor is just exactly that #UFC #UFC257

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Conor McGregor #UFC257        views

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Amanda Ribas was sensationally stopped by Marina Rodriguez at #UFC257, but the fight was not without controversy 😬

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تتوقف السيدة عن توبيخ زوجها لكي ترد على التليفون.

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