Biden to begin presidency pushing emergency relief, other ambitious economic plans

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@shapirobeth @washingtonpost He opened those in 2010. What do you mean?

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@marybl62 @washingtonpost They have no power to obstruct like in the first two years of Obama when Democrats managed to not do anything either.

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@ThosChamberlain @washingtonpost He won’t! He’s already explaining why even with all 3 branches of govt he has no power because. Today’s answer: Joe Manchin

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@washingtonpost End day for US as economic superpower.

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost Help people. That’s what Biden has to do.

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost When exactly will his ambitious plans be fully implemented?

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost What about the concentration camps.?😫😫😫

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost And as always Repubs will obstruct. They only work for themselves and their rick pals.

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💥 Un crochet de izquierda cambió la pelea. McGregor lo hizo bien, pero notó la inactividad y le pasó factura.

#UFC257 #FelizDomingo #McGregorvsPoirier #McGregor

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Creo que el #Pacman Pacquiao ahora esta obligado y deberá enfrentarse a un boxeador de las 147lbs luego de la derrota de #McGregor en la #UFC257 #Boxeo #ESPNKnockOut @Faitelson_ESPN

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Watch #UFC257 #MichaelChandler Vows He Would Beat #KhabibNurmagomedov - MMA Fighting #mma

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Next fights I want to see at lightweight:

Poirier vs Oliviera (vacant title)

Gaethje vs Chandler (winner fights for the belt)

Conor vs Diaz/Dos Anjos

Tony Ferguson vs Makachev

What do we reckon? #UFC257

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Imagine how much differently we would have viewed Conor McGregor's MMA career if he retired after the Eddie Alvarez fight.

The only direction to go was down after that one. One of the greatest performances ever on the biggest stage in MMA. #UFC257

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Poirier simply destroyed McGregor last night. The Irishman got too confortable after carrying those two belts.
"Peace has cost you strength, victory has defeated you." #ufc257

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Waking up to #connormcgregor loss in #ufc257 and my feed of “connaisseurs” that envisioned this result since December 1987. 🤦‍♂️

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I just realised... how tough is @BlessedMMA??!
He took 10 times as many shots from @DustinPoirier and almost won the fight!
#ufc257 @TheNotoriousMMA

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