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Twitter's chief executive Jack Dorsey stands by the decision to ban Pres. Donald Trump from the platform in a wide-ranging thread, but admits that the action sets a "dangerous" precedent.

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@Svg_Snowman @ABC Well he is a founder and the CEO so it's his company to run as he sees fit. Don't like it, then don't use it but the fact that you're complaining on here is irony.

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@charliejmeyers @ABC My man when you have the type of money he has you can look any way you want to

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 1 week ago

@ABC Hero!

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@ABC Dangerous? There's no "dangerous" on silencing a riot's promoter. And his name is president Trump!!😎

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@ABC So jack is the dictator of twitter?

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@ABC I thought this was one of the Avett Brothers

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@ABC Trump is a dangerous precedent

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@ABC the question is, why does he continue to stand by that beard?

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I'm sorry but even though Denice is nuttier than a fruit cake, I still like her!!! 😂😂😂 IDK, maybe it's because her craziness entertains the hell out of me 😁 #ReadyToLove #ReadyToLoveReunion

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Rashid, leave those young girls alone!! #ReadyToLove

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When Rashid said we’re at different ages and stages, he meant this girl is too silly, immature and indecisive for me. Adriana may have thought she was #ReadyToLove. She couldn’t even listen while Rashid was talking, she was still entertaining Khalfani. Why? #ReadyToLovereunion

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#readytolove Joy could've "razzled dazzled" herself! She could've nurtured Edwin through therapy, continued with her own therapy, gone to couples therapy with him, and lived happily ever after. Instead she bought into Jay's "ho shit" and witnessed Wynter offline! IJS!

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#ReadyToLove could breed several spinoffs: Ready For Therapy; Ready To Get Her Tubes Tied; Ready To Pull Out; Ready To Find A Mama/Daddy For These Kids; and Ready To Love: SIKE!!! Just Playing.

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Men really be bringing this energy to dating. I'm truly confused how Edwin can be so into someone like Joy, peace & light AND also like someone like Nyya, petty & negative #readytolove #readytolovereunion

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Maturity where #ReadyToLove

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