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 1 week ago

.@GMA EXCLUSIVE: “I was counting down my breath, my blinks, I was like, God, I’m coming. I guess this it for me.”

Jacob Blake speaks out to @michaelstrahan in the first interview since the police shooting that sparked nationwide protests.

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@ABC @GMA @michaelstrahan God, I’m coming.


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@ABC @GMA @michaelstrahan This was a horrible event, I am sorry this happened to him

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@ABC @GMA @michaelstrahan He should have never walked away from the police but the police should not of parlyzed the poor man either.

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 1 week ago

@ABC @GMA @michaelstrahan Should've listened

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@ABC @GMA @michaelstrahan The police and security presence in DC outnumbers the total Trump inauguration crowd in 2017.

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@ABC @GMA @michaelstrahan Jesus take the wheel

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@ABC @GMA @michaelstrahan Hope he's doing well!

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Weird twist of personal experience, putting on the movie Jurassic Park kinda #AlwaysLeadsToHavingSex

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Why is #AlwaysLeadsToHavingSex trending under politics?? Did I miss something?

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Listening to Mr. Awful #alwaysleadstohavingsex

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I no longer have a clue or care what #AlwaysLeadsToHavingSex since I stopped having that nearly 20 years ago but get it's 2021 and this a Friday night trend like it's still 2020.

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home made baked goods #AlwaysLeadsToHavingSex, sometimes with the baked goods

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