Dr. Biden doesn’t need help, but it shows you exactly who Melania Trump is (if her being a birther somehow didn’t make it clear enough) that she has refused to reach out to the incoming FLOTUS.

Michelle reached out to Melania even after she spread racist lies about her husband.

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@BlueTxBlue @KaivanShroff Mary Trump seems to be the only decent person in that family.

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@KaivanShroff The Obamas are 100% class.

I hear trump doesn’t like “low class” *anything* but he married it, he lives it, his family embodies it. Exception: Mary L Trump.

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@KaivanShroff @YNB To coin an 80s thing NCP. For younger folks,, No Class Period. Just like her classless husband

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 3 days ago
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@KaivanShroff @MauraLeeLang There are those with class and those without. They reside in alternate universes

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@KaivanShroff @joncoopertweets the less Dr Biden learns from the pole-dancer-in-chief, the better.

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@KaivanShroff Melania is not my FLOTUS. Never was.

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@kasie I am up because I was having a vivid dream and it woke me up!

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It's Never #Waytooearly to remind everyone that Stephen Colbert, Don Lemon & Rachel Maddow all called Trump a White Supremacist for doing exactly what Biden is doing now.
Their hypocrisy is palpable.

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@kasie @MSNBC I’m up #WayTooEarly wondering what that loser psychopath conman going to do within the next 48hrs. #mondaythoughts

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@kasie I’m awake because I won’t get a decent night’s sleep until Donald Trump is out of the White House for good. #waytooearly

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@kasie @MSNBC #waytooearly I hope that MSNBC does not show anything of how Trump leaves office. He deserves nothing other then to walk out the side door with no one watching!

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@kasie I’m up #waytooearly reflecting on Dr. King’ legacy: on Wed. @KamalaHarris-a multiracial woman and the daughter of immigrants from two continents-will be sworn in as VP, helping build a multiracial, democracy-loving America dedicated to racial, gender, and economic equity.

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