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 7 years ago

Today is World Humanitarian Day.
Another Day to #Beygood

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@Beyonce keep doing i
Wat t u do da world needs u

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 7 years ago

@Beyonce good morning

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@Beyonce Glad for yourself first:^). Its non goodness black for yourself. Take yourself next others. Lovin'PS. http://t.co/PmIPqM8A3O

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 7 years ago
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@Beyonce Beyonce can you please follow me http://t.co/uEVREXo6Yp

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 7 years ago

@Beyonce Happy B-day!

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 7 years ago

@Beyonce hey Bey,its either you don't tweet too much or you clear you tweets every now n again,I like. http://t.co/Gi7ZoYE99G

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@Beyonce AT LEAST RELEASE A SINGLE. http://t.co/0gLg5bgXgI

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@SportsCenter Leading up to the fighT @TheNotoriousMMA saying he is his “best” and going to put on a “masterpiece”. Now he lost and “I’m not my besT....Time away” #Phony #UFC257 #UFCFightIsland @espn

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Conor quand il va rentré chez lui #UFCFightIsland

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This Connor mcgregor loss has that anticlimactic undertaker losing the streak to lesner #ufc257 #McGregorvsPoirier2 # #UFCFightIsland

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Conor McGregor will never be George St-Peire. Georges is the greatest Mma fighter of all time. #UFC257 #UFCFightIsland

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Some performance by Poirier, finally he gets his revenge n redemption. Just don’t start calling out Khabib please cuz we’ve already been there and seen that, he’s on an another level. McGregor talked a good fight but falls short again #UFC257  #UFCFightIsland  #McGregorvsPoirier2

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