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Alone in a storm we are buffeted

Together we help each other to find shelter

After the storm comes the sunshine & we begin a new day

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Quoted @WintershallPlay

☀ Let's look ahead to warmer & sunnier times ☀

This June, you are invited to join us at Wintershall for the Life of #Christ performance. Bring a picnic & sit in the sun to watch the story of #Jesus in an open-air epic production.

🎟️ Book tickets:

As we move into this Season of Hope, we need to notice the shoots of new growth

After time in the desert it will be good to sit again in this green oasis of calm

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How has the Word spoken to you in #lockdown ?

How has the Word shaped your journey?

A reflection

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Bishop Nicholas Hudson: A Reflection on St Paul via @YouTube

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Focusing on what we might dislike about #Lockdown3 takes us nowhere.

Recognising the many examples of adaptabiliy, resilience & self-giving seen in our communities takes us forward.

Affirming changes the narrative..

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If we realise that each of us is a gift to the world, how this change our perception of ourselves and each other?

Why not reflect on the gift #God intends you to be in this world?

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Replying to @carolyn_ra: Online ‘lockdown reflections’ for young adults every Friday at 7:00pm with the Sisters of the Assumption UK. #assumptionuk

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When have we been on journey, met a stranger, chatted & later discovered that our #faith has grown from what was shared?

What God moments have shaped our lives?

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Online ‘lockdown reflections’ for young adults every Friday at 7:00pm with the Sisters of the Assumption UK. #assumptionuk #formation #reflections #prayers #sharing

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Quoted @houseofprayerem

Compiled over many centuries, the Book of Psalms would have given expression to Jesus’ prayer to his Father. How can we join in and make these very human songs to the Divine our own, singing them with ‘fresh lips’? Join Antonia Lynn on 27 Feb (10am - 4pm) and explore the Psalms.

The move to remote delivery has opened up rather than closed down the opportunity to share in such days

What was once far-off is now alongside..

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Praying tonight for families afflicted by #COVID19 esp. those who already in need our love.

Our thanks to all who serve them in #NHS #Church & other services

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If we feed every aspect of our lives & work, then why not feed our #marriage

An excellent resource delivered to your home

A few places left for January....hurry!

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One of series of lectures given by Fr Javier Ruiz-Ortiz PhD and Sr Monica Cardona STL delivered into the comfort of your home

Come and be fed with the Word

Bookings: catadmin@rcdow.org.uk

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Replying to @JesuitsBritain: Would you like to make more time to pray, but aren't sure where to start? Or have you wondered about going on retreat…

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Would you like to make more time to pray, but aren't sure where to start? Or have you wondered about going on retreat but not got round to it because life gets in the way?
Book now for an Online Retreat in Daily Life at the London Jesuit Centre:

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When we pray for each other, then we are set on fire by the love of #God

How might this thought reshape & reform our #prayer today?

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Quoted @JesuitsBritain

Loving actions change history: even the ones that are small, hidden, everyday.
- Pope Francis

Where will we give & receive love today?

Where has a small act of love changed our journey?

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A small indicator of change even in the depths of #WINTER

What small changes are we noticing in our lives fed by the last year?

Take ❤️

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Quoted @Digitalnun

Moral Health in Time of COVID

'The situation we find ourselves in may not be familiar, but it is the current ‘normal’ and therefore precisely the one in which we must act as moral beings.'

Our #faith is lived in the now...

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Are we tempted to think that the #pandemic places the physical before the spiritual?

Not so.

The spiritual resides in the physical, so our bodies & those of others are deserving of care.

How has our #faith & #Prayer life adapted & grown?


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Quoted @Silvanarscj

Some thoughts from Heaven and me about those miserly #foodparcels. Being as I'm a [not very] holy nun, I've measured my words nearly as well as the contractors measured the penne and peppers...

Our thanks for the work of @CaritasWestm & others for highlighting this & the stories of those who are in need of our love & help.

Had a sprinkling of love been added to the parcel, then the contents would have changed

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