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Play the #FFXIV free trial up to level 60, then become the Warrior of Darkness in #Shadowbringers! Service updates: @FFXIV_NEWS_EN


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Really enjoyed hanging out on the Crystal Data Center today, thanks again for the fun party! 🎉

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That's all for this Duty Commenced episode! 🤗

Whether you participated in Group Pose or watched Mikoto ignore every single trap in Delubrum Reginae–thanks for tuning in!

Missed the live show? Watch the archive 📺

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Duty Commenced is now LIVE!

Whether in-game or on stream, join us on the Zalera World (Crystal DC) for this action-packed episode as we venture into the Bozjan ruins of Delubrum Reginae!


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🇺🇸 🇨🇦 This sweepstakes will end on March 12, 2021 at 11:59pm (PT) so be sure to enter before it ends for a chance to win! Good luck, Soundbringers! 🥳

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🇺🇸 🇨🇦 Win an #FFXIV-themed Panasonic gaming speaker to celebrate its release! 🔊

To enter, craft a Tweet with:
1️⃣ Your fave musical moment in FFXIV
2️⃣ #FFXIVSpeakerSweepstakes & @FF_XIV_EN
3️⃣ Your in-game character name & World

Full terms and conditions:

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Join us later today in #FFXIV for Duty Commenced!
We’ll be gathering in Ul’dah at the Emerald Avenue around 3pm (PST) / 6pm (EST) on the Zalera World.

📸 Screenshots
⚔️ Delubrum Reginae
🎨 Community Commendations

Details 🌐

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Missed it the first time? Here's the teaser trailer for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker, arriving Fall 2021!

Watch the trailer in high resolution on YouTube ▶️

Visit the Endwalker special site ➡️

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The #FFXIV Valentione's & Little Ladies' Day event ends soon! ⏰

Don't forget to snatch the seasonal rewards before the event concludes on March 8! 💖🌸

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【MV公開📢】3/24発売『Scions & Sinners: FINAL FANTASY XIV ~ Arrangement Album ~』

🎞「砕けぬ思い 〜ハーデス討滅戦〜 -Invincible- 」Keiko Ver. MV公開❗





"Unburden your sleeping souls, my brethren..."

Check out the official #FFXIV music video for Invincible, featuring Keiko! 🎹🎵

New arrangement album site🌐

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Quoted @peachyparfait

Sage Alphinaud. I can't believe this is the first time I drew this precious boy!

Very precious indeed, @peachyparfait! 🥰 Hope it won't be the last time you'll draw him 🙏 Thank you!

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Join the festivities alongside other Namazu enthusiasts with this new emote, now available on the #FFXIV Online Store!

Time to wave those fans in the air, yes, yes! 🙌

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Ready for new and exciting challenges?

A new high-difficulty raid series, Pandæmonium, will debut in #Endwalker!

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"The light of mighty Garlemald, for'er our guiding star."

Prepare to finally step foot into the imperial capital of Garlemald in #Endwalker!

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The next #FFXIV Duty Commenced live stream is set for March 5!

Join us on the Crystal DC as we explore Delubrum Reginae and showcase the latest segment of Community Commendations ( #FFXIV_CC)! 🤩

Details 🌐

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A new #FFXIV Valentione's & Little Ladies' Day wallpaper has been added to the FINAL FANTASY Portal App! 📱💗🌸

Log in, earn points, and redeem it before March 31!

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Take heart in the faith of those who walk beside you.

#FFXIV #Endwalker

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7 dragoons and a white mage enter the Navel (Extreme)...

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You won't be surprised that this month's full Moon bears the nicknames 'snow'❄️ and 'storm'🌨️

Find the Moon phase for any day of the year:

We're pretty sure there's a Warrior of Light up there... 🌝

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Presenting the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker teaser trailer!

Watch the trailer in high resolution on YouTube!

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