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With fewer than two days left in the Trump presidency, we keep learning more about the depths of incompetence and corruption in this White House. @SethMeyers takes #ACloserLook.

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Quoted @voxdotcom

In his final 48 hours in office, President Trump reportedly plans to pardon more than 100 people.

Rudy’s gonna be watching this like a kid waiting to see his school on a list of snow closures.

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Thank you, @criticschoice, for #LNSM’s Best Talk Show nomination!

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All week, @sarahtdrumguru sits in with the 8G Band!

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Tonight, @SethMeyers interviews James Spader with music from @juliamichaels! Plus, Seth takes #ACloserLook at the final days of the Trump presidency.

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This week, @SethMeyers welcomes James Spader, @juliamichaels, @maddow, @billiepiper, @chrislhayes and @abbydphillip! Plus, a new #ACloserLook every day during Inauguration Week.

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Last year on #MLKDay @ambermruffin performed a brutally honest tribute song about the civil rights icon’s legacy, and it’s somehow even more powerful today ⬇️

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Growing up in the South with twin sisters in the Sixties may have played a huge role in creating the @thelesliejordan we know and love.

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It’s almost over.

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What’s your favorite @bibbymoynihan #SNL character name?

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For more of @SethMeyers’ favorite #LNSM jokes of the week… 

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President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence reportedly spoke this week in the Oval Office for the first time since last week’s attack on the Capitol. Which had to be pretty awkward, but don’t worry, Trump accepted Pence’s apology.

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Jane Levy (@jcolburnlevy) loves @Lesdoggg’s #ZoeysPlaylist livetweets as much as everyone else.

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Anne Hathaway’s parents had a clever trick every time they brought her to FAO Schwarz.

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On today's #LNSM Podcast: Anne Hathaway! Plus, @SethMeyers takes #ACloserLook at Trump’s administration exit from the White House.

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“There really is no more perfect way for this to end than Trump stiffing Rudy.” – @SethMeyers #ACloserLook

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“Censored” takes on a whole new meaning with many Republicans. #ACloserLook

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More proof that the Trump administration is beyond parody. #ACloserLook

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Tonight, @SethMeyers welcomes Amy Poehler with music from @BurnaBoy!

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