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CEO of https://t.co/0Dw3suhjEG #Influencer. Brand Ambassador. Author of Faith-Filled Grandmother, A Mother's Prayer and more. #doglover #friend #grandparent #boomer


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I love and adore #DollyParton for her accomplishments but more for her giving heart. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. We raise Cocker Spaniels and we named two of them Dolly and Jolene in her honor. #loveDollyParton

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Today I watched as my husband was flown by helicopter from one hospital to another. It felt like watching my heart take flight. Please help #prayBillhome Our kids and grandchildren miss him. And Of course I miss him. Our home is just a house without him in it. #mondaythoughts

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2:30 in the morning and sleep eludes me. Why is it when you need rest the most your mind spins and you are wide awake? The good news is God works the night shift. Going to #prayBillhome #missmyhusband

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@zimpeterw @nplace1 @jondcarroll @ElleJayMedia @HannesHanath @Wrix2 @JulieKusma @NanaHoodRocks @Anthony8Raymond @J5rson @LoriWolfHeffner @JillArmijo10 @OyinloyeSabrina @KateKisset @_RLMT @lgibson12397 @tiffeejasso @moranbishop Thank you for including me in your #FF and #GoodPeople, my friend Peter 🥰🙏🏼 Sending you all Aloha from Maui 🌴

That is so beautiful!

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#FF #GoodPeople #writers @nplace1 @jondcarroll @ElleJayMedia @HannesHanath @TriciaMorrisADR @Wrix2 @JulieKusma @NanaHoodRocks @Anthony8Raymond @J5rson @LoriWolfHeffner @JillArmijo10 @OyinloyeSabrina @KateKisset @_RLMT @lgibson12397 @tiffeejasso @moranbishop

Thank you and if I’m not already follow you if you let me know I will! Peter, you are a Good People!

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If you don’t take #COVID19 seriously and think it’s no big deal, come sit with me in the hospital and watch #HealthcareHeroes run their legs off and patients on ventilators struggle to breathe. I promise you will change your mind. #StayAtHome

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Looking for an easy and delicious #pasta #recipe ? Look no further.

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Another day on the ventilator but today I saw his eyes! And they did a test to see if he could breathe on his own. He did for an hour! Another test later today. Thank you Jesus and thank you for #prayers Please keep it up. #prayBillhome #ThursdayThoughts

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Oh how I wish I could call my mom!It’s been 30 years since she left this earth and not one single solitary day goes by that I don’t miss her. She was the best mom ever. #CallYourMother #wednesdaythought

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God gives us women to complement each other, not compete. via @DaySpring

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Day 24 on respirator. Numbers still improving. Your #prayers are helping. There are so many good people in the world. They may not make the news, but they are there. I appreciate you and your prayers. 🙏 and I appreciate #healthcareheroes #blessed

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Nicole phel

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I can’t begin to explain the many reasons this hits me SO deeply.

Nicole Phelps opens up about fear of losing husband Michael Phelps to depression - TODAY

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CNN's Sara Sidner Cries on Live TV Covering L.A.'s COVID Death Crisis

You are loved for showing the pain of humanity and the awfulness of Covid.

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I can’t stop crying watching this. Of all the chaos unleashed by the MAGA regime and GOP Traitors, their fully deliberate failure to battle Covid-19 is amongst the most egregious. CNN’s Sara Sidner is all of us.

She is definitely me.

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It’s impossible for journalists to not feel the emotion of the devastating stories we often cover. Much respect to Sara and the many other journalists who’ve endured over the last year to keep us all informed.


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Grateful for this beautiful review of "Drawing God." Thank you @NanaHoodRocks

It’s a beautiful book with an awesome message!

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After 23 days we are together. Please 🙏 he gets off ventilator and recovers completely. Thank you friends. #Covid_19 #praybillhome

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Praying for your husband and his complete recovery!

Thank you!

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