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During the Season of #Lent, the Holy Spirit drives us too, like Jesus, into the desert (Mk 1:12-15). It is not a physical place, but rather an existential dimension in which we can be silent and listen to the word of God, so that a true conversion might be effected in us.

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May the example of so many doctors and healthcare workers who have risked their life to the point of losing it due to the #pandemic move us to feeling truly grateful for how generously, and sometimes heroically, they carry out their profession.

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In this #LentenSeason, accepting and living the truth revealed in Christ means, first of all, opening our hearts to God’s word, which the Church passes on from generation to generation.

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Lord, Our God, grant that we Christians may live the Gospel, and recognize Christ in each human being, so as to see him crucified in the sufferings of the abandoned and forgotten of our world, and risen in each brother or sister who makes a new start. #WorldDayOfSocialJustice

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Fasting, prayer and almsgiving, as preached by Jesus (cf. Mt 6:1-18), enable and express our conversion. #Lent

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#Lent is precisely the season of hope when we turn our gaze back to the God who is patient. Saint Paul passionately urges us to place our hope in reconciliation: “Be reconciled to God” (2 Cor 5:20).

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Let us return to the Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life, to the Fire that resurrects our #ashes. Let us pray once more to the Spirit and rediscover the fire of praise, which consumes the ashes of lamentation and resignation. #Lent

 17,869  416  3,021

Today we bow our heads to receive #ashes. #Lent is a humble descent both inwards and towards others. It is about realizing that salvation is not an ascent to glory, but a descent in love. It is about becoming little.

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We are now embarking on our #LentenJourney, which opens with the words of the prophet Joel. They point out the path we are to follow. We hear an invitation that arises from God: “Return to me with all your heart” (Joel 2:12). Lent is a journey of return to God.

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During this season of #conversion, let us renew our faith, draw from the “living water” of hope, and receive with open hearts the love of God, who makes us brothers and sisters in Christ. #Lent

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This haste, this everything right now, does not come from God. If we get worked up about the right now, we forget what remains forever: we follow the passing clouds and lose sight of the sky.

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Let us pray together today in memory of twenty-one Coptic Martyrs: may they intercede for us all before the Father.

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To understand God's plan for our lives better, let us seek to strengthen our relationship with Him through #Prayer. Thus we will discover that God is a compassionate Father who always takes care of us.

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May the Lord inspire everyone to draw near to those who suffer, especially children, and to put the weakest in first place. I entrust the doctors and all sick children to the Virgin Mary so that with her mother affection she might look after them. #ICCDay

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We are created to love and through the conjugal union of a man and a woman, this vocation is lived reciprocally and in complete and definitive communion of life. On this memorial of St Valentine, I accompany engaged and married couples with my prayer.

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May the intercession of Saints Cyril and Methodius, evangelizers of the Slavic people, help us find new ways to communicate the Gospel and that the Christian churches grow in their desire to walk toward full unity while respecting differences.

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Each of us might experience wounds, failure, suffering, selfishness that make us close ourselves off from God and others. In the face of all this, Jesus draws near with compassion and touches our life to heal it. #GospelOfTheDay

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#Radio has this beautiful trait: it carries the word to the most distant places #WorldRadioDay

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Those who put arms into the hands of children instead of food, books and toys commit a crime not only against the little ones, but against all of humanity. #ChildrenNotSoldiers

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