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Introducing the manage Likes endpoints to the #TwitterAPI v2. Liking Tweets is one of the core aspects of the Twitter experience. Developers can now use these endpoints to like or unlike a specified Tweet on behalf of an authenticated account.

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Join us next Thursday, April 22nd at 10 am PT for our next livestream 🚨

Getting started with the #TwitterAPI v2 and the new Academic Research product track using the twarc2 library in Python

We will be live on Twitch

We will be starting soon.

Join us on

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Introducing the manage blocks endpoints to the #TwitterAPI v2. These endpoints are crucial for developers who want to help maintain and improve the health of the public conversation on Twitter. Learn more

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Over a year ago, we released the COVID-19 stream to help people build resources for the public good.

Now we're sharing more about how people used this data to study everything from misinformation, to how attitudes about the virus evolved over time. πŸ’‘

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Interested in how our engineers tackled the challenge? Get a peek under the hood over at the @TwitterEng blog πŸ‘‡

Link πŸ”—

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In just two months, thousands of people have been reviewed and approved to our Academic Research product track. πŸ€“

Want to know what the buzz is all about? @SuhemParack gives a quick overview of what’s available, and how you can get started πŸ‘‡

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We also recently launched code samples in R for some of our new v2 endpoints

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If you're looking to get started with the #TwitterAPI v2 and R @jessicagarson has you covered with a new tutorial.

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Hope to see you tomorrow at 1 pm EST for APIs 101!

Live now!

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Looking to get started with the Twitter API but new to APIs in general? @jessicagarson will walk you through everything you need to know in APIs 101 session. She’ll use examples using our v2 endpoints, Tuesday, March 23rd at 1 pm EST.

Join us on Twitch

Hope to see you tomorrow at 1 pm EST for APIs 101!

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πŸ”Ž If you're using v2 full-archive search for Academic Research, you won't want to miss this livestream hosted by our research dev advocate @suhemparack.

Mark your calendars to join us on Thursday March 18th, 10AM PT/ 1PM ET.

Thanks to everyone who joined and made today a great session! πŸ™Œ

If weren't able to attend, we've got you covered. Academic researchers can now sign up for office hours for help using the new product track. See how you can sign up, here πŸ‘‡

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We're going to get started in just a few minutes! Hope to see you soon on πŸ‘€

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β€œWith an ongoing heightened climate crisis, wildfires have become increasingly widespread and unpredictable,” say @austinge0rge @Neel88828098 @j_adrineda from @firetalkteam. β€œWe sought to build an all-in-one resource that would keep people updated.”

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Fire Talk provides users with centralized information on local fires. It uses the #TwitterAPI to show Tweets relevant to your location, complemented with other data like air quality index and local news.

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The team met at UC Berkeley. β€œWe made countless nonsensical projects at hackathons, but we soon realized the Twitter API offers us a tangible opportunity to make an impact with the projects we’re building.”

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On Tuesday at 12 pm EST, @jessicagarson will cover how to start working with the data returned from v2 of the #twitterapi

She'll be focusing on how to work with nested JSON and sending your data to a CSV.

Join us on Twitch!

Live now!

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Hope to see you tomorrow at 12 pm EST!

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Academics are one of the biggest groups using the #TwitterAPI to research what’s happening. Their work helps make the world (& Twitter) a better place, and now more than ever, we must enable more of it.
Introducing πŸ₯ the Academic Research product track!

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