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Photographer, Producer #Neerja #TumhariSulu, #CheatIndia head of Bling! Lifetime fan of the Arsenal FC, the LA Lakers... and all things Team India

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Beginning to believe there was some kind of scam in the purchase of #Pepe

How can he be valued at 72mill, esp given what Tierney/Gabriel cost?!?

Oh ya and well played #Chelsea, u managed to hoodwink/ maybe bribe management at #Arsenal to acquire Willian for some mad £££👏🏽🤨

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Quoted @Lakers

9:03 pm: Fifteen years ago to the minute, the great Kobe Bryant walked off the court with 81 points in a single game 🖤

What A Player!
What A Loss

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Replying to @NorbertElekes: BRAZIL: President Bolsonaro thanks PM Modi for Indian Covid-19 vaccines by sharing a picture of Lord Hanuman https://t.c…

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BRAZIL: President Bolsonaro thanks PM Modi for Indian Covid-19 vaccines by sharing a picture of Lord Hanuman

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Quoted @rajeshkalra

CRUELTY and Barbarianism beyond belief!
An elephant strayed into human settlement and is set on fire.
The reaction of the forest ranger on seeing the dead elephant is moving.
The burning elephant video makes you think: What has become of us :(

Scum of the earth

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It’s genuinely been a privilege to make these images
I posted those of @ManMundra @DrMuffi n @thevirdas earlier

I hope we’ve shone a small spotlight on some Indians who have quietly done what they had to

These r but a sliver of the many
Thank U

Love n kindness
Jai Ho

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Nivedita, Chennai

Because in a pandemic, not only are humans terribly affected, but also stray animals
But there were also people like Nivedita in Chennai. Who, for 7 months, cooked food in her own home and fed it to all the neighbourhood stray dogs
Salute 🇮🇳🙏🏽

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Kailash Mahida, Mumbai
Ward boy

Worked at the Nesco Covid Center in Goregaon E
When everyone else was shunning working in these wards, Kailash took care of the sick
Even helping wt the packing of bodies nobody wanted to touch
Because no work is too big or too small to be a hero

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Syed Ghafoor, Hyderabad
Sanitary Field Asst

Ghafoor is wt the Hyderabad Munci Corp. What he did was on field contact tracing, admitting infected people to local hospitals, arranging ambulances for Covid-19 patients, sanitising homes of infected people n providing 24x7 assistance

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Uma Rajeshwari, Bangalore, Event Manager

Because she is co-founder of team Aadhya. Providing groceries, medicines to hundreds of migrant workers. Even helping a migrant worker deliver her child at home. Turning her car into an ambulance, transporting the sick to hospital

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Nasir Khuehami, Bandipora, Kashmir

Because he helped students stuck in 9 states. Over 20,000 such were smoothly evacuated, free of cost, back home, all over India
Set up a 24x7 grievance cell, leading it from the frontline
Because Nasir’s kindness is felt pan India

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Vikram Bhagat, Ranchi

Because together with his wife, he prepared daily meals in his own kitchen to distribute among the less fortunate. Even though his wife was pregnant during the lockdown, they managed to cook and feed 50 people a day
Every day
For months

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Mahita Nagaraj, Bengaluru
Marketing Consultant

Because a pandemic is very tough on the infirm, the elderly and those with special needs, someone took it upon herself to deliver them their daily necessities. In Bangalore, and also in Noida, Delhi,Pune,Chennai, Hyderabad & Mumbai

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RS Wungkanngam

Because one man was a member of the Covid-19 Control Room of Kamjong district, Manipur.

Of managing the food, boarding and lodging for an astounding 10,000 people. In charge of transportation for thousands of returnees

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Milind Chandwani, Bhopal
Social Worker

Because where is it written that a software engineer cannot be the architect of social change. Providing over a lakh meals with those who suddenly had no one to turn to. For believing that women had to be empowered

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Kunal Sharma, Gujarat,Advocate

In the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic, there were also ordinary people like Kunal in Gujarat, who took it on himself to do his absolute best. Hosting more than two hundred blood donation camps in his city, providing over three thousand plasmas

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Ruchika Bhargava, Bangalore

Because the best way to maximise happiness is by helping others. Because she spent hours distributing food, medicines and sanitary pads to slums and labour camps. Making sure that travellers were screened and traced, to curb the virus

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Imtiyaz Ansari, Mumbai
Ambulance Driver

Because Imtiaz is a Mumbai ambulance driver who without the slightest thought of his own safely, transported 100s to hospitals. Saving precious lives when the entire city was in lockdown often sleeping in his ambulance

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It was only fitting that the brilliant #FreddyBirdy wrote the simple words to describe these remarkable people

All images were shot at 108mp on the new Mi10i smartphone

I think this is a brilliant gesture from the brand to recognise some amazing people amongst us

Thank U🇮🇳

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It was an opportunity to meet n to photograph faces of extreme kindness, people who stood up n were counted in service of people/animals near them

I’ve kept the portraits as honest and raw as I could
They simply had to be in B&W 😊
Retouching was limited to color correction

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