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@TheRecount Exec Editor/@SHO_TheCircus host/@MSNBC analyst/ #HHW podcast host/Game Change co-author. NYC resident, LA native, Great Dane valet. Wu Tang? Yup. 👐

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Once we had infrastructure week. Then impeachment week, then insurrection week, and now, the last full week of Trump’s term in office — ie, impeachment week, part 2. See the highlights and lowlights on @SHO_TheCircus, Sunday at 8pm, only on @showtime.

One hour until tonight’s all-new episode of @sho_thecircus — “Clear And Present Danger” — so get settled and join us on @showtime at 8pm.

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Given the events of Jan 6, @showtime has made our S6 premiere, which aired last Sunday, available on YouTube. So if you’re not a subscriber, here’s a chance to check out @SHO_TheCircus at its best—then sign up in time to see our all-new ep tonight at 8pm.

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DJT Impeachment #2 was a slam dunk, no thanks to Trump ass-kissers, as @therickwilson put it. And @NHJennifer sees a potential shitstorm swirling in the Oval. These reflections, projections, and more this week on #HHW with @projectlincoln. Get after it:

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After the attack on the Capitol, our democracy’s looking beat up and bedraggled — but will live to fly another day. Catch @SHO_TheCircus tmw night at 8pm @showtime for my discussion of that topic and more with @nealkatyal, @gtconway3d, and former Senator and SecDef Chuck Hagel.

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.@jheil brought cameras to the Capitol and said it was 'heartbreaking' to see the insurrection up close. #LSSC

And it remains heartbreaking — maybe even more so — 10 days later. @SHO_TheCircus

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Will a 50-50 Senate foster bipartisanship? @AJentleson thinks not: Mitch McConnell still has a lot of sway — and a singular focus on reclaiming the majority in 2022.

In this @SHO_TheCircus extra, Jentleson and @jheil discuss how Biden should handle the power-hungry GOP leader:

Why is @ajentleson betting on obstructionism from McConnell? Because that was the play he ran against Obama — and Republicans were rewarded for it.

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.@jheil is worried that political violence might become a routine thing in our lives. #LSSC

Tragically, yes.

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Tonight @SHO_TheCircus brings us tons of info from the hosts @jheil, @mmckinnon & @alexwagner! #LSSC

"Tons of info" = a nice way of saying that we weren't a barrel of laughs. Sorry bout that @StephenAtHome!

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The @SHO_TheCircus ringmasters return to @colbertlateshow with @stephenathome at 11:35pm ET tonight! But what the hell is there to talk about ... besides impeachment, inauguration, and insurrection???

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Coming up at 11:30pm, @MichaelSteele and me talking about the lasting damage to Trump and the Trumpified @GOP with Brian on @11thHour.

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Talking insurrection + impeachment + inauguration + more with @JoeNBC, @morningmika, inevitable EGOT winner @WillieGeist from 7-8am ET.

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TONIGHT: @jheil and @alexwagner join @Lawrence on the #LastWord at 10pm.

Team @SHO_TheCircus in the house.

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Coming up shortly on @TheLastWord with @Lawrence.

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Replying to @therecount: Michigan @RepDebDingell was in the House chamber when insurrectionists stormed the Capitol. She’s here to say: Violent righ…

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Michigan @RepDebDingell was in the House chamber when insurrectionists stormed the Capitol. She’s here to say: Violent right-wing extremism existed long before Jan 6.

On this @SHO_TheCircus extra, Dingell tells @jheil how it feels to be the target of Trump’s “hate machine.”

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Talking impeachment, insurrection, ignobility, and imbecility with my pal @NicolleDWallace and a cast of stars — including @SteveSchmidtSES, @neal_katyal, and @HansNichols — in the 6pm hour on @MSNBC.

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This is a spectacular statement. Read every word.

Spectacular, and pretty damn gutsy for a House freshman.

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Hard to keep up with fast-moving events but the @HacksonTap give a try, w/@Jheil. Up now!

Luckily @murphymike is a world-class sprinter.

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New pod alert! A two-part #HHW on the insurrection, the domestic terrorist in the Oval Office, and the clear and present danger he still poses — featuring the #NeverTrump clarity and rage of @ProjectLincoln's @TheRickWilson & @NHJennifer. Get it here:

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