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Pray-as-you-go is a daily prayer session, designed to be with you wherever you are, in the midst of a busy life. A work of @JesuitsBritain.


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Today's music is by One Hope Project.

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IMAGINE is back this evening. Join #prayasyougo listeners from around the world for a guided meditation on Zoom. Optional groups for sharing, 8pm GMT

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Today's music is by The Porter's Gate and performed by Latifah Alattas & Audrey Assad

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We explored the theme of 'calling' last week and it struck a chord with a lot of people. What are the ways in which you live out faith so that you show your calling to others?

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Today's music is by The monks of Keur Moussa.

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If you're a #healthcareworker heading to your shifts this week, we hope you will know that God goes with you. We have some some #prayer guides for you to help out:

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Today's music is by Margaret Rizza and performed by The Gaudete Ensemble.

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This weekend's music is performed by Sharon Irving.

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Looking for a #Mass today?
Why not join Farm Street Church for a livestream Mass today?

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#PrayAsYouStay is still available for you.
A special series designed to help you stay close to God as you stay where you are.

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This weekend's music is performed by Sharon Irving.

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It's Friday so it's the perfect time to reflect back on your week.
Using an #Examen prayer can be really helpful and we have just the tool for you...

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Today's music is by Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

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Have you discovered #PrayingwithArt yet?
An #Ignatian way to enter into prayer through famous artwork:

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Today's music is by Bifrost Arts Music.

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Take a moment.
Be still.
When will you pray today?

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Today's music is by Rachmaninoff and performed by Tenebrae.

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We're so glad to welcome the music of @JoshGarrels to our daily sessions. Hear his cover of a classic today...

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